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Halloween Pretzel + Popcorn Bark-Bakell®

Halloween Recipes for Spooky Pretzel + Popcorn Bark

Halloween can be the start of a very busy season for us all, and the pressure to make party treats and décor look Pinterest-worthy can often feel overwhelming. It shouldn’t have to be that way though!

Our edible Tinker Dust® Glitters will save your sanity. These glitters are ridiculously versatile and come in a wide range of wonderful colors. Keep them on hand for whenever the mood strikes and you’re needing something a festive. Sprinkling them into a treat is easy-peasy, it’s no wonder we put glitter in everything!

We are seeing all kinds of candy bark and popcorn ball recipe variations out there lately; these sweet + salty concoctions combine every-day pantry snacks with a little bit of chocolate to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth.

Of course, this is just the sort of thing that calls for Tinker Dust®; salty, sweet, and sparkly with a bit of crunch! To make it Halloween ready, we added spooky eyes using our favorite impression cutters. Throw this treat into a festive bowl for party snacking or into cellophane bags as favors, and you’ll be sure to please any crowd.

Here’s how we made it, in less than 10 minutes!

Halloween pretzels 


Halloween Pretzel & Popcorn Bark Recipe

Tools & Ingredients


To make:

Create spooky eyes with fondant by using our two smallest round cutters. Use the smallest size to cut black circles, and the next smallest size to cut the white circle. Press small black circles into whites to create “eyeballs,” making 6-10 pairs. Set aside.

Separate popcorn, pretzels, and cereal into separate freezer bags. Add a pinch of Tinker Dust to each bag and shake, so there is a light dusting of glitter. Set aside. Melt chocolate in the microwave, stirring every 30 seconds until melted.

Work quickly to create all three layers while chocolate is melted, and everything is well-coated. On a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper, spread pretzels out slightly (but should all be touching) and drizzle with a third of the melted chocolate. Sprinkle lightly with black Tinker Dust. Spread Chex cereal on top, drizzle with another 1/3 chocolate and sprinkle with orange Tinker Dust. Spread popcorn over that, drizzle with the last of the chocolate and sprinkle with white Tinker Dust. Dot fondant eyes into the chocolate in pairs, making sure the eyes stick. Place the entire sheet in the freezer so the chocolate hardens. 

When ready to serve, break bark up into smaller pieces. Store in an airtight container at room temperature for up to 1 week!


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