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Edible Glitters: Edible Glitter: Sparkle and Shine with Safe and Delicious Cake Decorating

  • Bakell's Lucky Cupcakes-Bakell®

    Bakell's Lucky Cupcakes

    Hey There St. Patrick's Day Fans! Who's excited for one of the greatest celebrations of the year? Whether you're drinking, snacking or relaxing, you need to create these amazing Lucky Cupcakes to make sure your year is bad-luck free!
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  • Valentine's Cocktail Recipe-Bakell®

    Valentine's Cocktail Recipe

    One of our favorite parts of Valentine’s Day is making pink cocktails, we can't wait to show you the cocktails we have made up for you all! We created a Cranberry Vodka Cocktail using our Red Brew Glitter and using our Heart Paper Straws!

    We recommend having a 25g Brew Glitter Pump for an easy way to dispense your Brew Glitter! The pump is an amazing tool to have for any bartender to avoid messes and for quicker drink preparation time.
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  • Bubbling Cupcake-Bakell®

    Bubbling Cupcake

    Happy New Year Bakell Fam! With 2022 right around the corner, we here at Bakell want to make sure that you celebrate this New Years with style and spunk. And to start off on a great note- with glitter, shimmer, sprinkles and more!
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  • Bubbly Champagne Cupcakes-Bakell®

    Bubbly Champagne Cupcakes

    Who is ready for New Year’s Eve? We sure are. To help you prepare a fantastic dessert for the New Year's evening, here is a festive New Year’s Eve recipe to make champagne cupcake with champagne buttercream frosting & edible glitter! That’s right, this cupcake is bubbly from bottom to top!
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