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How to use Edible Glitter Dusts: For Drinks and Cake Decorations-Bakell®

How to use Edible Glitter Dusts: For Drinks and Cake Decorations

Using edible glitter is the perfect way to add extra sparkle to your food and drinks to give all your dishes more pizzazz! Not only does it make your treats look pretty, but it's a unique way to finish off dishes for your next event.

How To Use Edible Glitter?

To use edible glitter, simply top your completed bakes with a dash of your favorite product like Tinker Dust. Use more food glitter as you see fit and make sure to coat evenly depending on your project.

If you prefer, Bakell also offers edible glitter in mini spray pumps which makes the application process a lot easier and much more fun.

To use edible glitter for drinks like Brew Glitter, add a sprinkle of shimmer to your beverage and give it a swirl to see the magic happen. A better application may be to throw a bit of Brew Glitter to the bottom of the cup and see it mix with your drink as you pour it in. (Use a clear cup to get the full effect of the edible glitter dust)

edible glitter gold spray on candle apple

How to apply Edible Glitters?

You can get away with a couple of different methods to apply edible glitters on food. Bakell has tons of cake decorating tools to help your next project come together.

Using brushes or spray pumps for edible glitter to get a bit more control with the delicate material. There are some dusting wands that can be a great way to get an even layer of glitter on a bake while mitigating much of the mess.

Some edible glitters like the Bakell Luster Dust can even be used in conjunction with our food safe airbrush gun kit for even more possibilities!

Edible Glitter For Drinks And Food

Using edible glitter for drinks and food is a fun way to add a little sparkle to confection creations or make a plain glass shine with a special touch.

You can find food and drink glitter in many colors, so there's sure to be one that matches your event or overall theme. Food glitter is an excellent option if you're looking for a fun way to dress up your next project.

edible glitter pink blue green red for cake decorations donuts

Edible Glitter for Holidays and Events

There's nothing quite like a festive cake to ring in the holidays and edible glitter is the perfect ingredient for special occasions. Decorating cakes and desserts with glitters is an easy way to give them an extra special touch.

Add edible glitter dust to your next Christmas cake or Easter cupcakes for a subtle but beautiful glow. It's also great for birthday cakes and can create interesting patterns or designs. Whether you're making treats for a special occasion or want everyday desserts to look more festive, food glitter can elevate every treat from your kitchen.

Benefits Of Using Edible Glitters

Food glitters don't have any health benefits and they hardly add any nutritional value to dish or drink. By that same token, food grade edible glitters are a harmless way to glamorize cakes, cupcakes, and other desserts.

Edible glitter cake decorations come in a variety of colors and sheens. While glitters are primarily used for decor, there are some food glitters that also add slight flavors like our Flavored Tinker Dusts.

Glitter is easy and fun to make your baked goods look extra special! Whether you're baking for a special occasion or want to add a bit of sparkle to everyday desserts, this ingredient can help transform your treats into something truly magical. With so many colors available, there's sure to be one that fits any recipe.

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