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Bakell Announces Release of New Mobile App!-Bakell®

Bakell Announces Release of New Mobile App

Bakell, the #1 leader of edible glitter, cake decorating tools, kitchen utensils & baking supplies, has gone mobile! The new Bakell mobile app is now available! Click here to read full article.

The Bakell mobile app is here!


The Bakell team ( announces the release of their new Bakell mobile app! The Bakell mobile app is now available on the Apple app store for the iPhone & Google Play for the Android. The new Bakell mobile app will allow for a more seamless shopping experience! Some of the new available features include: Easy Checkout, several payment options like Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal & Amazon Pay, adding items to a custom Wish List and managing your Bakell Account on the go!

"Bakell is an online decorating & baking supplies company that specializes in creating and selling fun, decorative tools & products, from silicone molds to custom decorative stencils. But we knew we needed to make online shopping for our customers even easier! We needed a mobile app. We wanted build an app that was secure, fast & easy so our customers could shop on the go," said Justin Jordan, CEO & co-founder of Bakell. Research has shown that the enterprise mobile app market is expected to grow to $63 billion by 2020. In 2016, the average number of apps created by businesses was 11, a 126 percent increase on the number created.

Justin Jordan went on to say "The case for creating mobile apps for business is strong, but like anything, there are good and bad ways to go about it. We know now that 23 percent of all apps are used only once but also that 39 percent of apps are used 11 times or more. So we felt the timing was right to launch!"

Download Bakell mobile app for iPhone

Download Bakell Mobile app for Android

About Bakell LLC:
Located in Redlands, CA, is a privately-owned and operated business with a national presence; its products are sold online across America and in Canada. Bakell is the #1 online destination for edible dusts & edible glitters, boutique cake decorating supplies and custom baking tools. From cake decorating tools, luster dusts & cupcake wrappers to silicone molds, custom food grade stencils & cookie cutters, Bakell is the leading choice for professional cake artists & DIY crafters. For more information please visit

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