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Bakell releases new edible wine, champagne & cocktail glitter-Bakell®

Bakell releases new edible wine, champagne & cocktail glitter

“Bakell is a decorating & baking supplies company that specializes in creating and selling fun, decorative tools & products, from silicone molds to custom decorative stencils! But we wanted to create & sell something different than just our traditional edible luster dusts & edible glitters used primarily for decorating cakes, cake pops & cupcakes… we wanted to create a product that could be used in liquids that wouldn’t dissolve, was tasteless, was edible & most importantly would add glimmer & pizzazz to our customers' parties,” said Justin Jordan, CEO & co-founder of Bakell.com. Click here to read full press release.

Bakell announces new edible glitter for beer, cocktails and champagne & wines!

Bakell’s new edible Beer Dust™, Brew Glitter™ & Cocktail Glitter™ is tasteless so it won’t change the flavor of your beer, cocktail or beverage, it’s edible, using only FDA-approved ingredients, and best of all it won’t dissolve! Our edible glitters come in a range of colors from gold to pink and from silver to blue, so our customers can get the color they need for their next event. Beyond just beer & cocktails, our customers are using our edible glitters in cold teas, dressing up coffee lattes using the glitter as an edible garnish or using the glitters & dusts for their personal parties by choosing a specific color that matches a party theme. Bakell’s new Beer Dust™, Brew Glitter™ & Cocktail Glitter™ comes in the standard 4g jar sizes, but Bakell.com also sells them in bulk sizes of 25g, 50g or 75g jars sizes at a discounted rate.

Justin Jordan went on to explain, “We can’t keep our new edible Beer Dust™, Brew Glitter™ & Cocktail Glitter™ stocked, they are that popular & fun! New customers and existing customers want to try different colors in different cocktails & beers! From breweries to bars, from event party planners to wine makers, everyone is wanting to use our new edible glitters, they just look awesome!”

Bakell Announcement | Bakell releases new edible wine, champagne & cocktail glitter

About Bakell LLC: 
Located in Redlands, CA, Bakell.com. is a privately-owned and operated business with a national presence; its products are sold online across America and in Canada. Bakell.com is the #1 online destination for edible dusts & edible glitters, boutique cake decorating supplies and custom baking tools. From cake decorating tools, lusters dusts & cupcake wrappers to silicone molds, custom food grade stencils & cookie cutters, Bakell is the leading choice for professional cake artists & DIY crafters. For more information please visit https://www.bakell.com

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