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"Baking With Paris" Featuring Paris Hilton Shows Off Tinker® Dust Edible Glitter-Bakell®

"Baking With Paris" Featuring Paris Hilton Shows Off Tinker® Dust Edible Glitter

Cooking with Bakell®??

The hit Netflix Original, "Cooking With Paris," premiered earlier this month and featured a 100% edible glitter called Tinker Dust® made by a company named, Bakell® (www.bakell.com).

Episode four of the show, Italian Night with Demi Lovato had the two stars making some slightly disastrous cannoli's for dessert. Their saving grace? They used a few of the Tinker Dust® edible glitters and other sprinkles to dress up their desert, taking it from a pink mess to an amazing desert anyone would enjoy!

Paris Hilton featured three of Tinker Dust® edible glitters:
1) Deep Purple Tinker Dust®
2) Deep Pink Tinker Dust®
3) Pumpkin Orange Tinker Dust®

Paris Hilton shows off Tinker Dust edible glitter

While the stars sprinkled their Tinker Dust® edible glitter colors over a cannoli, the edible glitters can actually be used on any confectionary desert or food product, or even stirred into a drink! Whether it's a pie, cake, cookie or a couple dozen cupcakes - these 100% edible glitters can be used to dress up any dessert, food or drink!

A couple of other Bakell® products used in the episode were Krazy Sprinkles® edible sprinkles (www.bakell.com or krazysprinkles.com):
1) Jimmies sprinkles
2) Rainbow mix sprinkles
3) Large beads sprinkles

Sprinkles and Tinker Dust Edible Glitter

And just like the Tinker Dust® edible glitters, these sprinkles can be used to dress up any confectionery dessert or food! Take a look at the video to see what they had to say about Tinker Dust® edible glitter - so much fun!

We look forward to seeing how you will use Tinker Dust® edible glitter and on what? Share your comments below!

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