Edible Baby & Kids Finger Paint Sets | 100% Edible | Kosher Certified

Children’s Edible Paint Sets

As far as paint sets for kids go, we are proud to say that our edible paints are the bees' knees. See, our 100% natural Petal Dust Finger Paint for babies and toddlers is completely edible, which means there won't be any adverse effects if your little one's artistic exploration should include a little taste of their medium. If you've ever watched a kid play with art materials, you'll know it's a beautiful process to behold.

They are so free in their mark-making, so unencumbered in their expression. Now you can give your little Picasso, Kahlo, Monet, or O'Keeffe all the tools they need to get up close and personal with the canvass of their choosing. Babies can get their hands dirty, while older kids can practice their shapes and lines with paintbrushes if they wish - there are so many wonderful uses for these veggie-based paints. 

Our NEW baby finger paints sets are 100% all natural, 100% veggie based, 100% Kosher certified and most importantly are 100% edible for babies to consume so parents can let their babies play stress free! Our all Natural Petal Dust Finger Paint line is not only the perfect baby finer paint, but is 100% water solvent and washable, so it will mix right into liquid for painting or wash right out of clothes.

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TOP TIP: Buy a whole lot of these sets and keep them in the cupboard as festive stocking stuffers and on-the-fly birthday gifts throughout the year. It keeps well and everyone loves a paint set!


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