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Dazzler Dust® Non-Toxic Craft Glitter

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Every now and again, a baking project calls for some serious sparkle and shine that goes beyond the shimmer possibilities of edible glitter and dust. At Bakell, we stock a wide variety of edible decorating glitter, such as our Petal Dust range, but we also cater for those big and bright occasions when you want your creations to really steal the show. This is when Dazzler Dust® is called for.

Available in 80+ different colors, including black, green, and gold, these non-toxic glitters bring unprecedented levels of gleam, glitz, and gloss to anything from icing and fondant to cake toppers and more. It’s the ultimate solution for professional bakers and home decorating enthusiasts who want to up the ante on their eats and treats and require a craft-level disco dust or glitter that really dials up the WOW quotient.

*Note: almost all of our dusts & glitters are edible such as our luster dust, petal dust and Tinker Dust® lines, however our Dazzlerazzler Dust® collection is considered "non-toxic" not "edible" or "food-grade"


TOP TIP: Better known as a type of 'disco dust', Bakell Dazzler Dust® is completely safe to use on cakes and bakes, but if you prefer to keep your disco dust glitter separate from the edible parts of your creation while still adding a dash of dazzling splendor, we recommended that you approach it as you would a conventional decorating glitter intended for crafts. You could, for instance, use it to decorate cardboard cutouts and other add-ons that can be affixed on top of or around a birthday cake. The options are endless, so feel free to experiment.

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