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Dazzler Dust

Dazzler Dust® glitter creates an amazing hologram-effect that shimmers & sparkles and is the perfect "non-toxic" decorating glitter for food decorating & crafts! Dazzler Dust® is intended for decorative purposes only. Dazzler Dust® does not use FDA approved ingredients but it is made with safe "non-toxic" ingredients. There are many creative ways to use Dazzler Dust®, the most common is to sprinkle it on your icings, fondant or sugar cake decor just as you would with craft a glitter or sprinkles. Another popular technique is to use Dazzler Dust® in a piping gel or in an edible glue to adhere the Dazzler Dust® to your desired surface areas of your confectionery or crafting masterpiece! We carry over 80+ colors and shades, so get creative and start shopping!

If you are interested in learning more about our edible dust or our edible glitter collections, click here

*Note: almost all of our dusts & glitters are edible such as our luster dust, petal dust and Tinker Dust® lines, however our Dazzler Dust® collection is considered "non-toxic" not "edible" or "food-grade"

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