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New! Edible Dusts & Glitters

If you've ever seen shiny edible decorations on top of cakes or cupcakes, chances are they were created with luster dust or Tinker Dusts. Luster dusts and Tinker Dusts are a type of decorating powder used in cake and candy decorating to add color and sparkle to desserts. Unlike non-food-grade luster dust (which, though non-toxic, is meant to come in only casual contact with food), our edible dust is safe enough to mix in the food as a glittery food color! Apply to fondant, gumpaste, buttercream, icing or more! Our FDA approved ingredients in our edible dust line come in a variety of dust types including our new Tinker Dusts, Luster dusts and Petal dusts! Learn more about dusts on our new blog article called Differences Between Edible Dusts & Other Dusts?

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