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Bakell 100% Edible Flavored Tinker Dusts Logo

ready to make cakesicles? Bakell's got you covered!

That's right! Our new show stopping, jaw dropping cakesicle molds have arrived! We here at Bakell know how popular cakesicles have become and just had to make sure we provided for you. From your traditional oval cakesicles, to hearts & fun shapes and styles, we've got them all! Don't forget to grab our dusts and glitters to really add the cherry on top of our NEW cakesicle molds. Our molds are made with 100% food-grade Silicone. They can be used in dishwashers, ovens, microwaves, and freezers. With the endless possibilities, we can't wait to see what you create!

How to Use Bakell Cakesicle Molds 

Using Our Molds is Fun & Easy!

Karla over at @sweetbombtreats made this How To video to show just how easy using our cakesicle molds can be! We know using a mold can be intimidating that's why NAME is here to pull the curtain back and take that fear away!

We've got the perfect cakesicle mold for every occasion!

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Bakell is Kosher Certified Pareve | Kosher Certified Manufacturing Facility | Kosher Certified Sprinkles | Kosher Certified Products | Kosher Approved Ingredients | Kosher Approved Products | Kosher Certified FD&C Food Coloring Pigments |
Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Bakell is HACCP Certified
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Bakell is GMP Certified for manufacturing practices. Full traceability safety consistent manufacturing
Bakell is Halal Certified | Halal Certified Food and Glitter Manufacturing Facility | Halal Certified Sprinkles | Halal Certified Confectionery Products | Halal Approved Ingredients | Halal Approved Products | Halal MICA Glitter | FD&C colors |

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