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Dry Powder Mixing

Dry Blending Equipment

Bakell's dry blending and industrial powder mixer are designed to help you achieve the perfect blend every time. Browse blends that have our signature mica pearlescent pigment or work with Bakell to develop your own recipe with specific colorants!

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Dry Pigment Powder Suppliers

Bakell's dry blending and industrial powder mixer are designed to help you achieve the perfect blend every time. Browse blends that have our signature mica pearlescent pigment or work with Bakell on recipe development for a unique product with the colorants of your choice!

Create specific blends by going off your recipe or let Bakell® experts help you find a formula that speaks to your business. We take care of the product sourcing & figure out the logistics for getting your product to you. It's a joy to take on partners who are just wetting their feet in food production to experts who know exactly what they're looking for in dry blends.

Even if your ingredient mixing is not based largely on color or texture, Bakell® is equipped with industrial capabilities to jar your particular blends. Our facilities are continuously running to ensure small or large orders get properly processed with complete powder homogenization. Scale up or down a project based on client need, knowing our factory can keep up with specific demand. With high-speed blenders and quality assurance checks in crucial parts of the process, Bakell® has proven to partners how we can consistently meet strict lead times.

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Dry Blending Powder

Bakell's industries are designed to provide the best possible results for any project size. Whether it's blending sprinklesmica pearlescent powders, edible glitterssalts, sugars, dry rubs, and more—Bakell has you covered! Whether you need a specific blend of ingredients for your food product or a customized pigment powder for your brand, let us walk you through the process of making your idea into reality.

From formulation to physically processing dust in capable blenders, we walk with partners along the way to ensure the final product meets their standards. We take pride in getting every hue right & ensuring uniformity across different types of powders for multiple applications. Get your next product shelf-ready for stores by taking full advantage of Bakell's entire production capabilities.

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Dry Blending Equipment

At Bakell, we use advanced dry blending equipment to create custom blends of dry powders for our clients. Our dry powder mixers are capable of handling a wide range of powder blends, from simple two-component blends to complex, multi-ingredient formulations.

Bakell offers expert dry blending services to our clients across the wholesale, retail, restaurant, and confectionery industries. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of dry powder mixing and how it can help take your business to the next level.

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Mica Pigment Powders

  • Available in a variety of colors and shades
  • High-quality mica pigment powders
  • Can be used for food and beverages
  • Custom blends available
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Sugars & Salts

  • Available in different textures and sizes
  • Can be used in a variety of products
  • Bright, full color blends
  • Available to process at scale
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Sprinkle Mixes

  • 1000+ sprinkle assortment on hand
  • Add color and fun to your products
  • Range of sprinkle types available
  • Seasonal mixes and custom blends
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Dry Powder Blend

  • High-quality ingredients and state-of-the-art equipment
  • Seasoning blend for snack products
  • Perfect for seasoning blends, dry rubs, and flours
  • Consistent mixing to meet exact specifications

Dry Mixing FAQ

Powder mixing in the food industry is a process of combining different powdered ingredients to create a uniform blend. It is a critical step in the production of many food products, including spices, baking mixes, and seasonings.

This process helps to ensure that the product is consistent in flavor, texture, and color. It also helps to reduce waste by ensuring that all ingredients are properly blended together. Additionally, powder mixing can help to improve the shelf-life of food products by preventing separation or clumping of ingredients during storage. By understanding the importance of powder mixing in the food industry, companies can ensure that their products are consistently high-quality and safe for consumers.


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