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Food Safety Certifications

Bakell has spent years acquiring extensive food safety certificates to offer the utmost confidence in quality assurance. From GMP Certification to Kosher Pareve, Bakell has made it a core value to adhere to the highest safety standards.

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FDA Registered & GMP Certified Facilities

As a consumer, you want to be sure that the food you are buying is safe and of good quality. That's why Bakell has made sure to acquire certificates that would instill confidence in our partners that their products are being produced in stricly regulated facilities

At Bakell, we are proud to hold several food safety certifications, including SQF, HACCP, GMP, Halal, and Kosher. These certificates demonstrate compliance with the industry's best practices for ensuring food safety and quality. These are important, not only on the regulation side, but also to partners who want to maximize the services we can provide for them.

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Commitment to Food Safety

At Bakell, we go above and beyond to ensure the safety and quality of our products. From FDA registered facilities to diverse certifications that back our production process, Bakell holds safety as a core company value. We also closely work with our suppliers to ensure that our raw materials meet high standards for food safety and quality.

Our commitment to food safety is a top priority, and we will continue to uphold the highest standards to ensure the safety and satisfaction of our customers.

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Benefits of Food Safety Certification

Having extensive food safety certificates can help partners feel reassured that food products will be made with the highest quality ingredients & with the best manufacturing processes. Or take compliance checks, domestic & international, that get much easier to pass thanks to nationally recognized certificates, like SQF Certification. Working with highly accredited companies can cut down on time for production & shipping, reducing overall costs as an added benefit.

Bakell® helps partners feel assured that food products are being made quickly & effectively. Not only does it make everyone from partners to the customers feel confident their product is safe, but it helps in determining accurate lead times.

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  • Strict guidelines for quality & safety
  • Nationally recognized compliance
  • Uphold standarized practices
  • Manufacturing documentation
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  • Certified compliant items
  • Adhere to food safety parameters
  • Regular audits to ensure quality
  • Nationally recognized certification process
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  • Effecient factory practices
  • Comprehensive food safety management system
  • Certified safe production process
  • Reliable lead times
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  • Compliant to Halal rules
  • Adherance to guidelines
  • Annual certification audit
  • Preferred manufacturing methods
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FDA Registered Facilities

  • Quality manufacturing above all
  • Consistent packaging care
  • Food safety assurance
  • FDA approved ingredients
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SQF Certified & Registered Facility

  • Risk management for food hazards
  • Up-to-date methods for sanitary guidelines
  • Annual audit to uphold certification
  • GSFI recognized standards

Certificates FAQ

Yes, Bakell® ethically sources its raw materials for its mainline products on its store and for offers through our Private Label Program. We ensure that product we source is responsibly acquired from great partners who value the production process and stakeholders at all levels.

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