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Halloween Treats with Edible Glitter and Luster Dust

To get into the Halloween spirit, treat yourself and those around you with Halloween treats! At Bakell®, we're all about bringing you the best treat ideas. We'll cover all bases and bring you the best ideas for toddlers, adults, parties and more!

Not sure what treats to make? Look no further —we have the best ideas for fun treats!

From August through October, we are celebrating the spooky season with our sweetest deals and offers yet. That's right! This is the best time of year to get yourself ready for all things trick or treating.

Why do we trick or treat on Halloween? Is it just for the Halloween candy... absolutely not! Because here at Bakell® we do it for fun! Check out our flash sale calendar below and be sure to bookmark our page to stay up to date on sales!

Halloween Treats Flash Sale Calendar Edible Glitter
Shop the halloween treats sales on edible glitter

What is edible glitter?

Our 100% edible glitter and luster dust are the easiest and best item to throw into your spooky treat bags. Not only do they make your treats look more festive, but they're also fun! A lot of people wonder what is edible glitter made of? So here's a quick breakdown:

  1. We use only FDA approved Ingredients to ensure our product is a 100% edible food-grade glitter
  2. Those ingredients can be found in our technical data sheet
  3. we make sure our products are Kosher & Halal Certified
  4. Our products are Vegan, Nut Free, Dairy Free, Non-GMO & guilt free.


The most exciting part of this season is adding sprinkles to your desserts! We offer a range of themed sprinkles in sizes from half cup to bulk for any need you may have.

Our sprinkles range from every color in the rainbow to every shape under the sun. Any event or holiday you could think of, we have you covered. Look below to see our special mixes we made just for you!   

Halloween Sprinkles Candy Corn Krazy Sprinkles®Halloween Themed Sprinkles Vampire Bite Bakell®

The best way to get into the holiday spirit is by making treat bags! Treat bags are the best way to surprise your guests, kids, family and even neighbors for Halloween. Not a lot of people expect their loved ones to make treat bags so get ready to surprise those around you with them!

The easiest way to fill them is with our edible glitterluster dustglow in the dark craft glitter and decorating combo packs. These items will get kids and adults stoked for their treat bags and make you the talk of the town!

Halloween glow in the dark glitter combo pack | Bakell®

Glow-in-the-dark paint is the newest craze, so we've put together this combo pack of four loose glitter shades: hot pink, miami orange, electric citrus yellow and heat green. The glow these colors give off is truly stunning when the lights are turned off and the black lights are turned on. Run to our store and get these glow glitters ASAP, your party will thank you!

The uses of these glowing glitters are almost endless! Use them on crafts, nails, cake toppers and other projects—and don't forget to use a blacklight so they really glow!

Halloween treats fondant combo pack | Bakell®

Fondant Cakes are all the rage, and we're ready to make it even easier for you to create them! This pack comes with black, red, purple and white fondant to make all your tricks and treats stay on theme this season. Check out our Vampire Cake Fondant Combo Pack and make cute Vampires for your cupcakes and cakes!

Halloween treats pumpkin fondant combo pack | Bakell®

All hail the pumpkin king! These edible fondant pumpkins are fun and easy to make. We know how hard and intimidating fondant can be so we're here to make it easy. Gone are the days you have to be a confection artist to work with fondant.

You simply open our fondant packaging and start working with it! No directions needed. This pack comes with orange, yellow, green and brown fondant perfect for sculpting the perfect edible pumpkin cake toppers.

Halloween treats edible glitter flakes | Bakell®

Our edible glitter flakes are perfect for celebrating Halloween. We've come up with two new glitter flake mixes, perfect for covering all your spooky season bases. Our Frankenstein mix consists of green, purple and black flakes; our jack-o-lantern mix is made up of orange and black flakes. This is the perfect pack to sprinkle on cookies, cakes, foods and more!

Halloween Cake Pop Straws for Halloween Treats | Bakell®Halloween Cake Pop Straws for Halloween Treats | Bakell®

If you want to make the perfect Halloween cake pops for friends, family, or even yourself, you've come to the right place. Bakell® has put together two exclusive combo packs that are sure to do the trick. With our products, you can make elaborate pops or even just let the straws steal the show!

Halloween Treats Sweet and Sour Edible Glitter | Bakell®

Step out of your comfort zone this Halloween and try our NEW Sour Edible Glitter Comb Pack. We've matched up our sour green apple and sour orange flavored glitters in one amazing combo pack to bring you a pack filled with so much flavor it'll have your guests begging for more!

Halloween Treat Ideas

To add to our spooky season discount, Bakell® always provides the best recipes and DIY projects! No one wants their halloween dessert to look store bought. That's why we're giving you the best ideas for your halloween party. Our blog always is up to date on trends, baking methods and all things edible glitter.

Halloween Treats Sweet and Sour Flavored Edible Glitter Creamsicle Cupcakes | Bakell®

We're showing you how to make our most flavor packed orange creamsicle cupcakes. For an extra little trick for your treat, you could use a cream cheese frosting! This treat is easy, fun, and tasty for the whole family. Grab our edible glitter tinker dust combo packs before they're gone and get baking!

Halloween treats themed sprinkles chocolate dipped pretzel sticks | Bakell®

If your party is in need of a snack that will keep everyone talking, our chocolate-covered pretzels will be the perfect addition. Everyone loves melted chocolate, candy melts, peanut butter or even candy corn on their easy Halloween treats! Add our themed sprinkles to your cart, and you'll have some irresistible treats that are sure to have your guests coming back for more!

Halloween treats sweet and sour flavored edible glitter caramel apples | Bakell®

Make sure you follow our blog for more recipes. We have many new DIYs  coming your way with edible drink glitter, edible food glitter, crafts and more! We also have all the Halloween signature treats including rice krispies, orange oreos, cupcakes, cakes, drinks and ice creams!

If that isn't enough for you, pop on over to our Facebook page or Instagram account. We have TONS of content ready for you to enjoy.


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