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Kosher Certification

Keeping Kosher

Bakell® carries Kosher Certification for hundreds of products and can work with partners to manufacture inventory that meet compliance. We adhere to strict food safety practices and are proud of our performance through regular Kosher inspection audits. Reach out to Bakell® to see how we can help your business grow with Kosher food products.

All Certificates

Kosher Certified Manufacturer

Bakell® makes it easy to produce or sell Kosher Certified products. Through proper inspection, documentation and production, Bakell® has become a trusted source for partners looking to grow or create a product that strictly adheres to proper Kosher guidelines to ensure customer satisfaction. Work with our team to guide you through Bakell's product selection or see how we can help you develop your own recipe today!

Bakell acquired Kosher Certification by passing rigorous inspections with stringent compliance checks at every step. We take pride meeting the required standards to make sure as many people can confidentally consume Bakell products.

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Kosher Products

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Agency Certified

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Guideline Compliance

Kosher Certification Inspection

Regular Inspections

Kosher FAQ

Kosher certification is a process by which a recognized agency ensures that all food products, down to the process which items are made and the machines that make them, comply with all Kosher requirements.

There are facility walkthroughs, regular inspections, and strict compliance checks for Kosher guidelines that Bakell® is proud to uphold in production at all times.

GMP Certification

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