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Logistics & Distribution

Retail Distribution & Warehouse Space

See how Bakell can help your business order and prepare for large orders. Using Bakell's inventory management experts, plan orders ahead to ensure on-time delivery and replenish stock levels.

All Logistic & Distribution Services

Efficient Order Fulfillment

Proper inventory management is key to optimizing your supply chain. That's why Bakell's logistics and distribution team prioritizes speed and accuracy to ensure your orders are delivered on time, every time. With our cutting-edge technology and streamlined processes, we can handle high-volume order processing with ease.

Bakell® has worked with carriers & couriers to ensure materials are always stocked and ready for production as orders come in. With complete control over manufacturing, kitting, and getting a package ready to ship, we have virtually every alignment baked into our distribution plans to get products to their destination.

Work with Bakell® to see how easy it is to plan and receive orders at scale based on your company's needs. Stay in contact with an account rep should you have changes to an order or to see your options about expediting a package.

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Optimized Warehouse Management

Bakell efficiently stores and manages inventory that's ready to ship whenever you're ready to recieve. From finding optimal ways for getting products into transit to providing cost-effective solutions of storing future stock, we create shipping solutions.

Our dedicated shipping coordinators ensure timely shipping for orders to reach any delivery location, minimizing shipping times and costs.

We have the capacity to ship anywhere in the world with transit options for different regions around the globe. Find how to stock your bakery or business with the products you need in the time frames you expect!

All Capabilties

Retail Distribution Expertise

Bakell has extensive experience in retail distribution and can help you expand your reach into new markets. We work with retailers of all sizes and can provide custom packaging solutions that meet their unique requirements. Our team can handle everything from order processing to shipping coordination, so you can focus on growing your business.

We coordinate warehouse space to store ready-to-ship inventory while getting products ready for retail distribution. Find how easy order fulfillment can be with Bakell and our US-based logistics warehouse.

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Tailored Distribution Management

  • Ensures tamper-evident packaging
  • High-volume distribution at scale
  • Storage warehouse space, inventory management
  • Tailored distribution management
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  • Seamless shipping coordination
  • Optimized logistics & transit times
  • Negotiate pricing with partnered couriers
  • International capabilities
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Advanced Logistics Management

  • Designed to optimize your supply chain and reduce costs
  • Transparent transit lead times
  • Logistics strategy that meets your unique needs
  • Maximum supply chain efficiency
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Distribution and Fulfillment Services

  • Streamline transit orders & reduce costs
  • Ship domestically & internationally
  • Order processing & shipping direct from manufacturer
  • Year-round customer service

Logistics & Distribution FAQ

Proper logistics and distribution is vital for the success of businesses that sell physical goods. The process looks at how goods are transported from the point of origin to its intended destination, including all the intermediate steps such as transportation, warehousing, and order fulfillment.

Bakell goes above and beyond to make sure its partners' needs are met in order to get the right products to the right place, at the best price!

Custom Packaging

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Product Sourcing

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