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Sahar Masarati

Sahar Masarati

My name is Sahar Masarati. I am a professional cake artist, creator of edible art, founder of Sugar Alkymi and the recent cover of Cake Decorating magazine. I believe in the poetry and romance of each creation with a whimsical and abstract touch. I’m fascinated by using mixed edible media, by pushing the boundaries in the conventional use of sugar, in order to bring a new voice to this much elaborated art form. 

Bakell | Sahar Masarati, Bakell Brand Ambassador | Edible Glitter And Edible Paint


I started my love affair with edible art from an early age. Being a chaser of modern surreal art, tones, textures and romantic patterns I always dreamt of creating exquisite art.


“How did you get to where you are today? Can you share your story?”

My love affair with edible art started from an early age. I was always fascinated by the art of cooking and baking! I would be in the kitchen watching my parents or aunts make these amazing delicacies and pastries; then I would get all inspired and start flirting with few ingredients to create random dishes and sweets.

I never followed the recipes or the actual ingredients list per se- you can say, I was more of an explorer…

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Bakell | Sahar Masarati, Bakell Brand Ambassador | Edible Glitter And Edible Paint


Learn to make edible art with world renown cake artist, founder of Sugar Alkymi & latest cover of Cake Decorating magazine.

Sahar's Story Continued

... In college, I majored in chemistry (got accepted into Medical school only to drop out after four years of studies..) and later into fashion design but what I always dreamt of was creating ART and using Mixed mediums. This has remained a constant factor throughout the years, to be able to create handcrafted, one a kind of couture pieces; whether it’s wearable art, painting, or simply an edible art.

In early 2000, I started exploring with sugar art. it was one of the most therapeutic forms of creation for me. It was love at first taste! It really started as a hobby and just an outlet to express my creativity and emotions. I loved the freedom I got with the diversity of the use of the mediums I had to play with- the possibilities were endless and not to mention I was bringing extra joy to my close friends and family’s celebrations…

Back then, had you asked me if I would explore the world of Sugar art as another career shift, I would have most likely said chances are slim… however, as faith has it’s own twists; in 2017, when my partner was relocated to Socal due to a job opportunity, It also opened a new outlook for me- it encouraged and allowed me to put a hold on my corporate managerial position in order to pursue a fantasy into to the mystery world of Sugar Artistry.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
Good question- So, as an independent business owner, you are your own boss! You set the rules, and you define your own mission. But when your boss is a perfectionist, that part can always be challenging by itself.

I would also say, in the beginning, being the new kid on the block and having to introduce my creations to a new audience in a new city was a bit of a struggle… But struggles are good, they make you better at what you do.

Please tell us about Sugar Alkymi?
Sugar Alkymi is a couture, made to order, by appointment only, boutique style designer cake studio servicing Santa Monica and LA’ surrounding areas. I specialize in opulent weddings, fantasy bridal showers, and exquisite Art events. Everything is Handcrafted to perfection and baked from scratch by using only the finest organic ingredients on the market.

As the alchemist and the designer behind the scene, my goal is to allure the indulger in this nostalgic history of art & romance while amusing their palate. I’m known for creating artisanal cakes by exploring mixed sugar mediums, handcrafted sugar flowers, and hand-painted designs. (and not to forget about the mouthwatering taste of each cake)

I’m proudest to be able to be true to my art, and I believe that sets you apart from others. I prefer to consider myself as an alchemist, I play with ingredients to reinvent the traditional wheels in a modern way.

If you had to go back in time and start over, would you have done anything differently?
For me, everything actually happened organically, so I wouldn’t change anything thus far!

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