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SQF Certification

Quality Food Handling & Shipping

Bakell® is a Level III SQF certified & registered facility, ensuring the highest standards for food production & responsible packaging. Recognized by retailers in the United States and abroad, learn how Bakell® can help meet your production needs with proven quality & dependable manufacturing!

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Choosing Bakell as a trusted SQF Certified & Registered Facility

Make Bakell® your copacking partner. Manufacture inventory confidently knowing products are being handled and packaged in facilities with level 3 SQF certification. We follow strict regulations to adhere to internationally standardized practices recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).

We are a leading food manufacturer and cake decorating supply wholesaler that takes pride in our commitment to food safety & quality management. Through hours of training & preparation, Bakell® worked tirelessly to acquire the highest tier of SQF Certification, providing even more assurance to trusted brands, worldwide retailers, wholesalers & small businesses of the quality of service they get when signing with us!

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Level 3 SQF Certification

Bakell understands the significance of Level 3 SQF certification as the pinnacle of excellence in the industry. That is why Bakell has chosen to embark on this challenging path to serve our customers' every need.

There are three common levels of SQF certification. While each necessitates its own audit, going up the tiers compounds the stringent requirements to pass. Generally, Level 1 addressed basic food safety procedures; Level 2 hones in on a company's ability to analyze & mitigate hazards and risks; meanwhile Level 3 SQF audit covers all of the previous tiers along with a comprehensive inspection of a facility's ability to prevent poor quality in its overall manufacturing.

Through this rigorous process, Bakell is confident that we will solidify our position as a trusted and reputable provider in the food industry. We are dedicated to continually improving our practices, ensuring the safety and integrity of our products, and delivering excellence at every step. At Bakell, we believe that going above and beyond industry standards is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality, and obtaining SQF Level 3 certification is a reflection of our steadfast pursuit of excellence.

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SQF Certification FAQ

Being SQF certified means a business can easily demonstrate to partners & agencies their product was manufactured & produced in a facility that has passed extensive food safety audits. Moreover, having an SQF-registered facility as a partner lends itself to convenient quality assurance checks and a streamlined process for vetting partners who can meet international compliance regulations.

Quality & safety is at the core of our business, but don't take our word for it. Bakell® is the proud recipient of thorough certifications like HACCP, GMP, and SQF, all encompassed in FDA-registered facilities. We work diligently to meet customers' needs, all the while adhering to the most rigorous guidelines in the food manufacturing industry. This adds up to providing clients with a priceless motivator at the end of the day: peace of mind.