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Get to know Sweet & Sour Candy Toppers

Give any food a delicious finish with Sweet & Sour Candy Toppers! Dust over fruit, hard candy, dessert treats and more. Lean into tangy flavors or try sweeter blends to customize treats however you like!

How does it taste?: There are two families inside of the Sweet & Sour Candy Toppers line. These cover three (3) Sweet toppers that deliver a subtle sweet taste, and don't have a hint of sour sugar in them. Then there are seven (7) Sour toppers that have that iconic tang along with a sweet component built into them.

Use on: Fruits, hard candies, gummies, sour belts, garnish around a cup's lid, lollipops, ice-cream, and anything else you'd find in a party spread.

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Product Sizes

85 gram — Shaker Bottle

Candy Topper Shakers

Sweet & Sour Candy Toppers Collections

sour sugar candy duster for treats

Sweet & Sour Candy Toppers

  • Great for Parties & Houses
  • Keep single unit in Kitchen
bulk packing box filled with sour candy dust

Sweet & Sour Candy Toppers - Bulk

  • For small-mid sized operations
  • Save on bulk pricing
small forklift carrying cases of sour candy boxes for wholesale

Sweet & Sour Candy Toppers - Wholesale

  • Shipped in bigger packages
  • For large scale use
white label boxes for sour candy powder

Sweet & Sour Candy Toppers - Private Label

  • Use your own logo
  • Large quantities

Best Sellers

blue raspberry sour powdered sugar candy

Sour Blue Raspberry

  • Classic sour candy staple
  • Compliments the best sour candies
  • Favorite on top of candy belts & gummies
original sweet sour sanding sugar for desserts

Classic Sweet & Sour

  • Easily shake over food
  • Perfect for sweet or sour treat
  • Original nostalgic sour sugar
bottle of pink sour sugar on top of cupcakes

Sweet Cotton Candy

  • Deliciously sweet
  • Beautiful pink hue
  • Excellent for kids parties
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Available Colors/Flavors

yellow sour powdered sugar candy near me


  • Sweet but subtle taste of banana
  • Bright yellow candy powder
  • Great on fruit
white powdered sugar topping for desserts

Sweet Birthday Cake

  • Colorful funfetti dust
  • Bright candy flavor
  • Perfect for kid-friendly events
orange sugar dust candy toppers for treats


  • Bold fusion of sweet & sour
  • Blast of zesty Orange taste
  • Popular for rimming glasses
red sour sugar powder sweetener for candy

Sour Watermelon

  • Nostalgic sour candy flavor
  • Gorgeous pink color
  • Compliments most sweets
green sour powder sugar for sweat treats

Sour Green Apple

  • Distinctly sour and tasty
  • Most puckery flavor
  • Pleasantly fruity on treats
blue flavored sour sugar for treats and desserts

Sour Fruit Punch

  • Mix of fruity flavors
  • Blue powder hue
  • Mild in sourness

Product Reviews

Sheryl T.

Birthday every day!

Loved the birthday cake flavor. used it on everything we had on a candy spread for an event.

Bethany M.

Wow! Wow! Wow!

The classic sweet and sour took me back to my childhood. Reminded me of those candies that you shake, so i did it with every candy I own.

Jorge B.

Best Ever!

Great texture. Got the Sour Wild Cherry. Added a satisfying crunch and the kids had fun putting it on candy.

Nat P.


Really liked the sweet cotton candy, can use it on anything. Gave candy a light crunch too.

Fan Favorites

Classic Sweet & Sour

  • Favorite of General Use
  • Gives any treat a tangy punch

Sour Watermelon

  • Gives the nostalgic summer flavor a new twist
  • Bright flavor with inviting fruity notes

Sweet Cotton Candy

  • Great for kids to experiment with
  • Inviting for all ages at parties


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How to use Sweet & Sour Candy Toppers

Indulge in Sweet & Sour Candy Toppers! Dunk or dust these mouthwatering treats on fresh fruits, candies, gummies, and more to elevate your snacking experience. Our Shaker bottle is filled with your favorite flavor, ensuring a delightful burst of sweetness with every sprinkle. Transform any ordinary treat into a tantalizing delight by delicately dousing it with our delightful sugar sand.

Looking to add a touch of excitement to your next gathering? Try this fun party application: simply dump out the Sweet & Sour Candy Toppers onto a small bowl and let the festivities begin! With ease, stick treats into the Candy Toppers for an even application, creating a visually appealing and delicious spread that will leave your guests impressed.

Whether you're hosting a party or craving a special treat at home, our Sweet & Sour Candy Toppers are the perfect companion. Elevate the taste and appearance of your favorite snacks effortlessly and let the sweet-sour symphony dance on your taste buds. Experience the joy of flavor fusion with every sprinkle!

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About Sweet & Sour Candy Toppers

Sweet & Sour Candy Toppers were born out of the nostalgic way we coated out favorite gummies & treats in past. The joy of tasting candy transform with a simple shake or dusting of sour sugar was a transformative experience when we were young.

Now, anyone can easily replicate that feeling with any candy of their choice. Choose a fruity blast using Sour Green Apple or the softer notes of Sweet Banana to compliment bright flavors. Simply dunk or dust Sweet & Sour Candy Toppers over any treat, at parties & events or at home!