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  • Christmas Chocolate Cocoa Bombs!-Bakell®

    Christmas Chocolate Cocoa Bombs!

    Happy Holidays Bakell Fam! What a season it's been so far- full of sprinkles, glitter and family fun, this Holiday season, we are determined to make it one of the best. For both kids and nostalgic adults, what is the go-to drink? Easy: it's hot chocolate!
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  • Gifts for Him and Her-Bakell®

    Gifts for Him and Her

    Happy Holidays, Bakell Fam! During this wonderful Holiday season, we here at Bakell want to make sure that everyone gets a piece of our Glitter Wonderland. Which is why we've created the perfect Candy Cane Combo Packs and our Holiday Collection has some of the best selections this Holiday will provide.
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  • A Grinch - Tastic Christmas Beverage-Bakell®

    A Grinch - Tastic Christmas Beverage

    What is your favorite Holiday movie? Whether it's Elf, Home Alone, or The Grinch, they all have one thing in common. They involve a green Christmas!With that as our main inspiration, we want to present the first step in our Bakell Christmas. 
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  • Christmas Night in a Cup-Bakell®

    Christmas Night in a Cup

    The amazing Christmas Holiday brings some of the best times with families- and some amazing winter nights. A lovely drink that makes you warm as you're wrapped in a blanket around the fire.
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  • Christmas Tree Cupcakes-Bakell®

    Christmas Tree Cupcakes

    Happy Holiday season Bakell Family! Are you ready to mix it up with Bakell by creating some amazing Christmas cupcakes? In order to pull this off, you'll need to break out that cupcake tray and mixing bowl.
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  • Hanukkah Cupcakes-Bakell®

    Hanukkah Cupcakes

    So, how do you decorate the best Hanukkah cupcakes?- First, a fun fact about Hanukkah!

    Did you know: that there isn't a wrong or right way to spell Hanukkah? There is no correct or exact way to translate Hebrew sounds into English, so whether you spell it Hannaka, Chanukkah, or any other way, it's perfectly okay!
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  • Lemon Candy Martini-Bakell®

    Lemon Candy Martini

    Before we kick off the holiday season, let's enjoy this sweet day by making an amazing dessert drink. After breakfast, lunch, dinner, or when you want something fun- enjoy!
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