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Get Perfect Results: Essential Baking Tools for Success

  • Super Simple Summer Dessert Ideas-Bakell®

    Super Easy Summer Dessert Recipe Ideas

    It's the warmer months and everyone's looking for easy summer dessert recipes to make on any given day. I'm sure you've had a cake pop before, but probably not a cakesicle. You're probably wondering, what the heck the difference is?...

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  • Valentine Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe-Bakell®

    Valentine Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe

    This recipe is an amazingly TASTY recipe! If you love Valentine's Day and you love Peanut Butter cookies, then you hit the jackpot with this Valentine's Peanut Butter cookie recipe!

    We used peanut butter in place of the butter in this take on a traditional cookie recipe, which turned out super nutty and soft & most importantly, delicious! Great for children too, they can get involved and decorate the Valentine's Day Peanut Butter cookies with frosting, edible glitter & dusts, sprinkles and some of their own creativity!
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  • Red Velvet Hot Chocolate-Bakell®

    Red Velvet Hot Chocolate

    We’ll never turn down a cup of piping hot cocoa, warming our hands and our heart on a chilly winter’s day. Throwing a powdery envelope into a mug with some boiling waterworks, but we like it velvety rich and made over the stove-top. In honor of heart day, we added a twist, tossing our Petal Dust straight into the mix.

    Don’t forget the marshmallows! Homemade ‘mallows are pretty easy, especially if you have a stand mixer to take care of the whipping. We used the heart-shaped cookie cutter & pink Tinker Dust® just in time for Valentine’s Day, but the shapes, colors, and flavors can easily be modified to suit the occasion.
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  • Shimmering Stars of Wonder Cookies!-Bakell®

    Shimmering Stars of Wonder Cookies

    Have You Started Your Holiday Cookie Baking Yet?
    Here at Bakell, we are baking up batches upon batches of holiday sweets. Classic gingerbread cookies, candy cane twists, and the simplest holiday tradition ever: our Shimmering Stars of Wonder Cookies with a sparkly peppermint glaze! An absolute fan favorite of ours!
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  • Bakell's Christmas Ornament Cake Pops -Bakell®

    Bakell's Christmas Ornament Cake Pops 

    Who doesn't love cake pops? This easy to make treat is a fan favorite and something that everyone can accomplish. An ordinary store-bought cake becomes a magical Christmas ornament treat using this recipe! Add some EXTRA pizzazz by using our amazing glitter & dusts.
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