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How To Use Luster Dust To Create Showstopping Projects-Bakell®

How To Use Luster Dust To Create Showstopping Projects

Learning how to use Luster Dust can be a really fun process that leaves any project looking absolutely stunning.

The sparkle effect that Luster Dust gives off is unique compared to its edible glitter counterparts, making it a truly special product to work with. And based on how you decide to apply it, it can provide for a slightly different effect.

How To Use Luster Dust

Using Luster Dust can actually be pretty versatile depending on your needs. Whether it's a wet, dry or airbrush gun application you're looking for, you can actually achieve distinct looks.

blue edible glitter luster dust brownie airbrush gun

1. Dry Application

Dry brushing is the quickest application for using baking Luster Dust and it works for most dough-based desserts like cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and brownies — even cheesecakes.

Dredge a brush into the Luster Dust and gently use the brush to apply across the surface of your food. Make sure to use a fine brush to ensure that you don't miss any spots.

Take it a step further by flicking the brush bristles over your food to give an artsy splatter effect. Decorate the top or sides of the cake, cookies, cupcakes, and other baked goods with a light dusting to give them an elegant look.

2. Wet Application

This is the most popular Luster Dust application method but it involves the use of a suitable solvent. It's best to use a vodka or lemon extract with your Luster Dust for the ideal mix — avoid using water if possible.

Get a brush and dip it into your mixture to start painting. A steady hand can create gorgeous layers of Luster Dust across your project and is perfect to make intricate designs.

edible gold glitter luster dust bakell

3. Airbrush Gun Application

Load up Luster Dust to a food grade airbrush gun kit to get precision applications on a wider scale. This is the best way to get more even coverage across a surface.

Using Luster Dust with an Airbrush Gun steps:

  1. Mix Luster Dust and solvent of choice in small bowl
  2. Pour mixture into Airbrush Gun loader
  3. Don't fill too much to avoid clogging
  4. Apply Luster Dust

Though the Airbrush Gun may be able to hold quite a bit of mixture, make sure not to fill it too much. Working with smaller loads of the mixture in the Airbrush at a time gives you more freedom to work around your kitchen or make adjustments without having to worry about clogging the gun.

Overall, using an Airbrush Gun with Luster Dust is ideal for larger projects like a birthday cake or if you need to apply the edible glitter on numerous objects like a batch of cupcakes.

Luster Dust's Shine Compared to Other Edible Glitter

Luster Dust has a different shine compared to a typical edible glitter. It has a stronger metallic effect which regular edible glitters can't replicate — but comes at the cost of a subtler radiance.

edible glitter luster dust tinker dust comparison bakell

Edible glitters like Tinker Dust gives off a strong color and shines brightly. Meanwhile, Luster Dust has a softer glimmer but gives an unmistakable hue to the surface.

In some instances, Luster Dust gives bakes a certain sparkle as if they were sprinkled with real gold or silver dust. It is a great way to impress people at your next dinner party or special occasion.

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