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10 Amazing ideas to use Luster Dust-Bakell®

10 Amazing ideas to use Luster Dust

One of our best-selling products, as many of you all know and love, is our Luster Dust! It is incredibly versatile and makes the most beautiful edible paint for desserts and treats of all kinds.

Luster Dust is a beautiful water-soluble colored powder with brilliant pearlized tones that can be applied either as a dry powder, or Luster Dust can be mixed with lemon extract, vodka, alcohol, water, etc and then applied to your confectionery masterpiece as a brilliant, edible paint that outperforms every similar product on the market!

Different than its sister powdery-glitter, Tinker Dust edible glitter, Luster Dust can be applied dry or wet with amazing results. Edible dust is perfect for baking and crafting.

You can use our sets easily at home with any other ingredients to make amazing cake decorations, cake art, decorate drinks and more. We are proud of our signature Bakell luster dust shine, and since we make it on such a large scale we are also able to bring it to you for super cheap - even more so when you buy it wholesale!

It is FDA compliant, uses only FDA approved ingredients, Kosher Pareve certified, and our ingredients are audited by NutriData (nutritional regulatory company). For those of you who haven't used it, you might be wondering how to use edible dust on fondant?

luster dust paint + (purple luster dust) + Bakell
Here are 10 Amazing ideas to use it:
  1. brush it onto molded chocolate
  2. mix it in fondant
  3. paint it onto fondant
  4. add it to royal icing
  5. paint it on cake
  6. splatter it on cookies
  7. dust it on macarons
  8. dip edible crystal gummies in it
  9. pour it into sprinkles for easily cake pops
  10. use it with stencils

If you want to use it with an airbrush gun, fill your airbrush applicator with the liquefied solution of edible luster dust and airbrush designs onto your cake.

Whether you want to use templates or stencils, it all depends on your airbrushing skill level. Using stencils, you can create stunning designs on any baked surface from cake to cookies, cakesicles, and more.

There are many ways to use edible luster dust with stencils and airbrushing is one of them. Another way is directly on the cake or fondant!

luster dust paint + (luster dust cupcakes) + Bakell

Add Shimmer To Your Fondant

You can easily add Luster Dust to fondant to create a marbled effect, or change the color of the fondant completely! Fondant is so easy to use!

Shake a bit into your fondant, fold the fondant over itself again and again until you reach the desired color/shimmer effect you want. Then simply roll out your fondant to the size you need for the dessert you're making and get decorating! It's also a wonderful edible paint that adds a stunning foiled look to whatever you paint it on.

All you need is a very very small amount of liquid (clear alcohol, lemon juice, water etc), your favorite Luster Dust, and an applicator. You can use a paint brush, sponge, or even an airbrush gun!

For dry application, use a soft brush to paint the cake surface to get desirable effects. The benefit of this method is that you don’t have to struggle to get the right consistency. In this way, you paint without any streaks of paint on the cake and leaves you with an evenly painted cake surface.

In this technique, wet the edible luster dust using an ethanol-based liquid. You can either choose vodka or lemon extract. Once you are done making a liquefied consistency, go ahead and paint your cake with it. This method is perfect for cakes with uneven surfaces, fold designs, and hard to reach places.

How do you store edible Luster Dust?
Storing edible Luster Dust is quite easy. Keep them dry and stored in a tight jar. Keep them in a cool dark place and protect them from sunlight. When kept properly, they last for an extensive amount of time.

luster dust paint + (luster dust on fondant) + Bakell

Non Toxic Colors

We have some of the most vibrant and beautiful non-toxic colors available, there is something for everyone! Whether you want a bright foiled gold, classic red, patriotic blue, bright bold pink, lavender, ice queen white, or pearlescent green - we truly have it all available.

We also have them in stunning iridescent colors! While our traditional Luster Dust is more foiled and opaque, the iridescent Luster Dust is beautifully holographic sparkle dust and best used on darker surfaces.

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