100% All Natural Baby Finger Paint for Babies

100% All Natural Baby Finger Paint for Babies

Bakell has created an amazing way for your babies to paint creatively & safely using nothing more than their tiny little fingers to paint with! Our new baby finger paints are 100% organic, 100% all natural, 100% veggie based and is best of all is 100% edible! Our all natural finger paint for babies are not only the perfect baby finger paint, but is 100% water solvent and washable, so it will mix right into liquid for painting or wash right out of clothes.

Our new Bakell Baby Finger Paint kits are the best way, the safest way, and most enjoyable way for your babies to enjoy baby safe paint! Our veggie baby finger paint is a washable, beautiful and all natural earth paint for babies! So parents, so back, relax and let your babies imagination & creativity run free!

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