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Buy Krazy Sprinkles Wholesale

Now you can buy Krazy Sprinkles® wholesale by the case! Wholesale prices for our edible glitter Krazy Sprinkles® products are only offered by the case sizes as indicated in the listings below. To order wholesale and place your order, follow three simple steps...

  1. select the sprinkles you want
  2. select which price tier you fall into based on the QTY you need
  3. select the quantity you want to purchase - then add to cart, that's it!

To purchase wholesale, you must purchase products by the case. Units per/ case is 48 units per/ case. Our Krazy Sprinkles® are amazing! Krazy Sprinkles® from the Bakell® company bring you the absolute best in both quality & value and is the trusted brand in the industry! 100% edible and made only with FDA approved ingredients, our sprinkles come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes!

If you want to learn more about wholesale programs, click here

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