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FDA Registered Facilities

Working with a FDA Registered Facility

Bakell® manufactures, produces, kits & packages inventory in a FDA registered facility. Working with Bakell® ensures consistent product development & instills confidence from regulatory compliance standards.

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FDA Approved Ingredients

All Bakell®manufactured products are created using only FDA approved ingredients. At Bakell® we produce hundreds of proprietary food powder blends and package thousands of sprinkle mixes. We provide retailers, wholesalers, and even private label partners complete confidence that the product they get from Bakell® were shipped from clean rooms that go through regular inspections.

From product development to quality assurance, Bakell® creates the optimal environment to make inventory. The FDA inspects these facilities to make sure that they are operating in compliance with regulations & guidelines. This includes maintaining clean rooms, implementing quality assurance measures, and conducting inspections. That goes a long way for us at Bakell® to conduct product sample tests, space to develop custom blends, and the ability to quickly get them out the door.

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Clean Rooms

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Production Development

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Quality Assurance

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Packaging Options

FDA Registered Facility FAQ

An FDA registered facility is a manufacturing, processing, packing or holding facility that is required to register with the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Companies register so the FDA knows that facilities are aware of their regulatory obligations and to help the FDA identify and track the location of the facilities that manufacture, process, pack, or hold food & other items sold in the USA.

The FDA registration process involves submitting information about the facility, its products, and its ownership to the FDA. Once a facility is registered, it is subject to periodic inspections by the FDA to ensure that it continues to meet the regulatory requirements.

GMP Certification

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