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Where To Buy  Edible Glitter | Bakell

Where To Buy Edible Glitter

FDA Approved Ingredients & 100% Edible Food-Grade Glitter.


Tinker Dust Edible Glitter Collection

Tinker Dust® glitters are very similar to Disco Dusts and other glitters, except there is just one difference. Tinker Dust® is 100% edible food grade glitter! Our Tinker Dust® product will add shimmer and shine to any of your fondant, gum paste & cake decorating creations! Extremely shiny & pearlescent dust or sprinkle onto food. 

Not used to make edible paint, rather browse our Luster Dust collection for Wet & Dry application.

Tinker Dust® vs Luster Dust? 

White Pearl Edible Glitter Tinker Dust
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Luster Dust Edible Glitter Collection

Our 100% edible Luster Dusts are like Disco Dusts, but with some very important differences. Most importantly, our Luster Dust is 100% edible where Disco Dust is not.

Luster Dust is also a much finer powder and lastly our Luster Dust has brilliant pearlizer tones in each color shade! Cake artists and decorating enthusiasts typically brush Luster Dusts and powders on using an airbrush gun or hand brush, or mix them with a liquid to paint on their confectionery masterpieces!

Check out the new Bakell® Decorating Airbrush Gun, 5 STAR rated, and the very best on the market! Our Airbrush Gun was made specifically to work with our edible Luster Dust collection!

Buy White Airbrush Professional Series Gun Kit | Bakell
Buy White Airbrush Professional Series Gun Kit | Bakell
Buy White Airbrush Professional Series Gun Kit | Bakell
Buy White Airbrush Professional Series Gun Kit | Bakell
Buy White Airbrush Professional Series Gun Kit | Bakell
Buy White Airbrush Professional Series Gun Kit | Bakell

Airbrush Professional Series Bakell Airbrush Gun Kit (White Edition)


The Airbrush Professional Series Bakell® Airbrush Gun Kit (White Edition) can be used with a wide range of products including disco dust, Luster Dust®, petal dust, Tinker Dust®, and stencils for all your cake decorating projects. Great care was taken to assemble this kit, choosing just the best quality airbrush gun that even our own co-founder, a professional cake artist, swears by.

What's more, the airbrush is so versatile that it can even be used for crafts, nail art, and makeup! Bakell® Airbrush Gun Kit is offered in 4 stylish colors, and the White Edition is an excellent complement to your baking equipment if your kitchen or studio already has a classic white theme.

We included 4 Luster Dust® colors to start you off on your first assignment. Make sure to cover your work surface with plastic or foam boards, have a roll of paper towel handy, and start airbrushing! 

Need Proof? Our Bakell Airbrush Gun was just featured on Shopify's Nationally Televised Commercial!

Why Choose a Bakell® Airbrush Gun Kit

• Need help setting up your Bakell® Airbrush Gun Kit, no problem! Watch our "Bakell Airbrush Unboxing Video" - click here

• Want to learn more about the #1 selling Bakell Airbrush Gun or have questions, no problem we can help! For our FAQ section, click here

• The Bakell® Airbrush Gun Kit Includes: a beautiful solid white compressor, sturdy hose, stainless steel airbrush gun, functional holster, a black carrying case, power cord, adjusting tool & 4 Luster Dust edible powders/ edible paint colors. 

• The Bakell® Airbrush Gun is HALF the Price of Big Brand names and their expensive price tags! When buyBakell, you buy direct and save.

• With rigorous testing by the Bakell® Product team, the conclusion is that unlike more expensive knock-offs, the Bakell Airbrush Gun II produces steady power, output and spray consistency throughout.

• The Bakell® Airbrush Gun can be used with a wide range of products and projects including disco dusts, luster dusts, petal dustsTinker Dust, stencils, cake decorating projects, crafts, nailsart and make-up.

• The Bakell® Airbrush Gun is the leading choice for both DIY cakedecorating enthusiasts AND professional cake artists.

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Edible Glitter 

Tinker Dust® - Are a very potent, shiny, edible glitter-dust used for cake & cookie decorating, confectionery crafts & baking.

We use only FDA approved ingredients, so these dusts are 100% consumable. These shiny sparkle dusts are very similar to the Dazzler Dusts®, but with a slightly silkier texture & use only edible food grade and food safe ingredients!


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