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by Bakell
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Dazzler Dusts

Classified as "non-toxic ", Dazzler Dusts may be best suited to decorate items that can easily be removed from the cake. Many baking enthusiasts use Dazzler Dust to create beautiful special effects! Just a light dusting of this extra fine glitter will bring lots of sparkle to your design. Dazzler Dusts are very shiny, glittery, shimmery decorating dusts.

Learn more about the different dusts & glitters - Differences Between Edible Dusts & Other Dusts?

*Note: almost all of our dusts are edible and food grade such as our luster, petal and Tinker dusts. However Dazzler Dust & Hologram Dusts are only considered non-toxic.

Buy Dazzler Dust in Bulk & Save

Our bulk size Dazzler Dust® come in 25g, 50g, 1lb & 1kg containers at wholesale prices compared to our standard single 4g & 5g jars -- our bulk sizes are perfect when preparing for large parties or if you are a bakery, custom cake shop, catering company, wedding party planner, retailer or re-seller looking for steep discounts & wholesale pricing!

Below is an easy to understand breakdown at the price per/ gram - save up 70% when you buy in bulk with!

Which Dusts are Edible? Our Tinker Dusts, Luster Dust & Petal Dusts are all Food-Grade Edible Dusts. However the Dazzler Dust & Highlighter Dusts are only considered Non-Toxic by the FDA. Want to learn more about "edible vs non-toxic" dusts & glitters - click here. To learn more about the different types of dusts & glitter - click here!

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