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Glitter Candy Apples For Wedding Favors-Bakell®

Glitter Candy Apples For Wedding Favors

Looking for Chocolate Candy Apple Recipe ? Look no further, we have the perfect recipe for gourmet candy apples for your next event. These apples use chocolate and edible glitter to make an a colorful and sparkly dessert. Wow your guests with candied apples for Christmas, Thanksgiving or baby showers!

Today we’re talking about all the things related to chocolate apples. I’m talking gourmet caramel apples, dipped in chocolate and smothered with Tinker Dust edible glitter. Bakell's edible glitter is 100% edible and is such a fun way to give a final touch of pop to your desserts! Some of my favorite edible glitter colors are Rose Gold Tinker Dust, Gold Tinker Dust, and Pearl White Tinker Dust. You can also find a large variety of unique paper straws to use as candy apple sticks.

To begin, you will want to get Granny Smith apples. These apples are my favorite because they are tart and clash nicely with the sweetness of the chocolate base. Although, if you are a fan of red apples, I highly recommend honey crisp apples.

Bakell's glitter candy apples


How to make candy apples with glitter:

12 medium tart apples
12 unique straws as sticks
Chocolate candy melts
finely chopped nuts
Tinker Dust (Edible Glitter)

Gold edible spray pump from

Preparing the Apples:

  • Gently twist apple stems off and remove any stickers
  • Submerge apples into water and dry the apples well. Poke in your straw and make sure it is in there pretty sturdy.
  • Place the apples on a parchment lined with a baking sheet and refrigerate them while you are making your melted chocolate.

Adding the Chocolate Layer + Edible Glitter and sprinkle Toppings:

  • Fill a large oval slow cooker halfway with water and place heat-safe containers inside so that the water comes 2/3 of the way up. You can use heat-safe bowls or wide mouth pint canning jars. Fill the containers with dipping chocolates. Keep the containers in the slow cooker during the entire decorating process so they stay at the right temperature.
  • Dip the apple directly into the chocolate
  • Using a brush dust on your Tinker Dust Edible Glitter until you are satisfied with the result.


tinker dust glitter apples


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