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Glam Up Your Baked Creations: A Guide to Luster Dust

  • 10 Amazing ideas to use Luster Dust-Bakell®

    10 Amazing ideas to use Luster Dust

    One of our best-selling products, as many of you all know and love, is our Luster Dust! It is incredibly versatile and makes the most beautiful edible paint for desserts and treats of all kinds. Luster Dust is a beautiful...

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  • Golden New Years-Bakell®

    Golden New Years

    Who doesn't love a good cookie? The Flour Shoppe Cookie Co. creates some of the most AMAZING cookies Bakell has ever seen. Using some of our most popular colors of gold, white and more, here are some amazing tips from the baker herself!
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  • Iridescent Luster Dust in Action-Bakell®

    Iridescent Luster Dust in Action

    Isn't it exciting to come across a dynamic new confectionery design product that opens up your creative playing field so much further than ever before? This was our goal when we created our holographic glitter line in iridescent hues of...

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  • Celebrating International Chocolate Day with Bakell-Bakell®

    Celebrating International Chocolate Day with Bakell

    As we celebrate World Chocolate Day on July 7, we wanted to share with you a few 'golden' ways to ornament your chocolate. For the chocolate covered cherries we used Egyptian Gold Luster Dust and Royal Gold Tinker Dust. For fun we also included facts about the history of chocolate.
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  • Father's Day Luster Dust stenciled sugar cookies-Bakell®

    Father's Day Cookies with Stenciled Luster Dust

    Are you feeling artistic and ready to do some painting for Father's Day? If so we have a simple recipe using sugar cookies, fondant, and added two of our most popular Luster Dust colors and Father's Day themed cookie cutters and stencils so you can get your artistic fix and give dad some colorful tasty treats!
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  • Best FDA Approved Edible Gold Luster Dust-Bakell®

    Best FDA Approved Edible Gold Luster Dust

    Looking for an FDA compliant EDIBLE gold dust that truely edible, look no further! Our luster dusts our not only 100% FDA compliant, but they are also Kosher certified and Halal certified! This blog is full of the explanations and links to everything "edible" gold luster dusts!!
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