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GMP Certification

GMP Certified Manufacturer

 Let Bakell make your product in a Californian manufacturing facility with GMP certification. Partner with confidence knowing Bakell® follows stringent food safety practices to produce, kit, package & ship products.

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GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Certification is a quality assurance standard that ensures the safety and effectiveness of products produced by manufacturers in the food industry, among others. GMP certification requirements set guidelines for companies to follow, maintaining consistency in production, packaging & labeling. GMP certification for the food industry is crucial to maintaining consumer safety and confidence in food products.

Bakell® partners buy with confidence knowing their inventory will have detailed records of production and quality assurance, and performing regular inspections to ensure compliance. With GMP Certification, a manufacturer ensures its commitment for getting production done with fast & effecient care, helping reduce waste and cost.

GMP certification regulatory compliance for manufacturers

Regulatory Compliance

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GMP Trained

GMP Certification FAQ

Companies that want to obtain a GMP certification must implement procedures across production to meet specific guidelines outlined by the appropriate regulatory body, for example the FDA in the United States. The company must then undergo a rigorous audit and inspection process to ensure compliance.

GMP certification is attainable for a lot of companies, to be sure, but it requires deep documentation and proof that the facilities are truly in compliance with the highest standards.