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Halal Certification

Halal Certified Products

Halal certification is a stamp of approval given to food products that meet specific food safety standards. The certification process ensures Bakell® products that fall under the standards are entirely Halal. is prepared and processed in compliance with strict Islamic regulations.

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Companies attain Halal Certification for food products to give partners & consumers complete confidence the item was manufactured & packaged with strict compliance. Halal Certified businesses have had their manufacturing process assessed for the ingredients used, the equipment & machinery, hygiene, sanitation standards, among other factors. They also ensure that the food is prepared in accordance with Halal guidelines and that it does not contain any prohibited ingredients.

The process of getting Halal certified can be time-consuming and expensive, and it requires companies to adhere to strict guidelines. However, the certification can provide immediate confidence to loyal customers and trusted partners that the product they're acquiring is completely safe to eat.

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