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Contract Manufacturing

Leading US-Based Manufacturer

Bakell's contract manufacturing services offer customized solutions for wholesalers, retailers, restaurants, & confectionery industry partners. From recipe development to label design, see how Bakell can help your product stand out from the crowd.

Contract Manufacturing Services

Copacking That Fits Your Needs

At Bakell®, we're fully equipped to make custom labels, package & kit products, and get them ready to ship straight from our warehouse. Whether you need help with assembly or creating a label, we can handle all aspects of the copacking process.

In addition to what other contract manufacturing companies, Bakell® works closely with clients to ensure all product requirements are met, from product packaging to quality assurance. Put a product in jars, tubes, plastic wrap and beyond knowing Bakell® can complete manufacturing & shipping processes.

Every project is unique, every product needs specific requirements. Contact Bakell® to see how we can create entire runs of your product with exceptional quality right from our facilities. Don't get bogged down in the process of creating a product and explore actionable ways to make your next product initiative as cost-effective and efficient as possible.

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Let Us Take Care of the Details

With years of industry experience, Bakell® has helped partners grow their businesses or burst into new markets.

From recipe development to sourcing raw materials, we go above a regular order to show companies the benefits of contract manufacturing vs outright outsourcing. We take food packaging solutions and break them down for partners to create a lasting impact on their brands.

A process that has gained the trust of worldwide brands and helped companies hone in on their identity. We make the details easy to understand for every client by sharing the big-picture approach to how a finished product will look and feel.

All Capabilities

Food Contract Manufacturer

At Bakell®, we specialize in bringing food contract manufacturing to companies big or small. Whether you need help with packaging, labeling, or assembly, we can handle all aspects of the copacking process. We work closely with our clients to ensure that all of their requirements are met, from product safety to quality assurance.

This process goes beyond a simple order. Bakell® follows through with partners to address the many variables that could come up during the manufacturing process, be it with the actual product or aspects around the inventory — namely, design and packaging. This culminates in a final product that is distinctly unique to everything else on the shelf & stands out to consumers.

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Print Ready Labels

  • Collaborative design process
  • Premium quality food labels
  • 4/0 Color Printing Services
  • Print capacity for thousands of labels
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Full-Stack Copacker

  • Expertise in packaging & shipping at scale
  • Volume orders with clear lead times
  • Dry powder blend manufacturer
  • Perfect blends for dry foods
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Recipe Development

  • Ideal for single-serving powder mixes
  • Carefully package fine particulates
  • Expertise in handling powder foods
  • Rapid powder filling solution
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Kit & Package

  • Excellent product packaging & security solution
  • Premium plastic wrap for packaging
  • Machine belt kiting ensures consistency
  • Save time and reduce lead times

Contract Manufacturing FAQ

To make a product for selling at a retail store or expand one's inventory takes planning and manufacturing capabilities that some businesses specialize in. Consider also the design for labels on food products to even packaging and shipping orders.

There's a few dimensions that could hinder a business from developing or creating a product. With the assistance of a contract manufacturer, companies can instead focus their attention to branding & marketing while leaving the logistics & distribution to copacking partners.