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This 4.25” Baby Triceratops Dinosaur Metal Cookie Cutter is a great quality template steal that makes for easy cutting. Pair this with our 6" Triceratops Dinosaur Metal cookie cutter and have the perfect mommy and baby dinosaur duo for your dinosaur-themed birthday party. The meaning of Triceratops is 'three-horned face' and the three horns are each visible in this shape. Science tells us these nose horns were used for self-defense and that they could grow to 30 feet in length. The Triceratops itself could weigh as much as a truck! No wonder dinosaur cookies are such a big hit at birthday parties.


  • Bakell® Carries a wide range of Cookie Cutters for all occasions; perfect for cookie dough, fondant, gum paste or even crafting projects! Use to imprint fondant for colorful cake embellishments.

    The durable stainless steel construction allows for quick, neat cuts through the dough or other products & easy cleaning! *Our Cookie Cutters are perfect for Professional and Home Bakers alike!

  • Package Includes: 1 High-Quality Stainless Steel Cookie Cutter

  • Bakell® constantly strives for great quality, superior customer service, fast shipping and the lowest prices online! All orders are shipped within 1 business day from our Southern California Distribution Office.