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4th of July Dazzler Dust Combo Pack Collection (12 PC SET)

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Product Description

4th of July Themed Dazzler Dust Combo Pack

Let's hear it for the Red, White and Blue! Brighten up your 4th of July bash using some vibrant decorative holographic glitter. Our new Dazzler Dust pack is exactly what you need to show your love for the day of America's independence. Featuring an energetic selection of our non-toxic decorating and craft glitter, our tailormade shimmering decoration pack is ideal for crafting some unique 4th of July decorations, create a special homemade card and even use it as a shimmering decoration on your cake pops or party favors. Way to make your own fireworks!

Dazzler Dust colors included in this combo pack;

  • 1x American Blue Dazzler Dust (5g Jar)
  • 1x American Gold Dazzler Dust (5g Jar)
  • 1x American Red Dazzler Dust (5g Jar)
  • 1x American Silver Dazzler Dust (5g Jar)
  • 1x Baby Blue Dazzler Dust (5g Jar)
  • 1x Cherry Red Dazzler Dust (5g Jar)
  • 1x True Black Dazzler Dust (5g Jar)
  • 1x Snow White Dazzler Dust (5g Jar)
  • 1x Bright Blue Dazzler Dust (5g Jar)
  • 1x Red Hologram Dazzler Dust (5g Jar)
  • 1x Knights Armor Dazzler Dust (5g Jar)
  • 1x Gold Hologram Dazzler Dust (5g Jar)


We receive the question "what is the difference between real edible glitter vs non-toxic glitter" frequently. It's a great question, and YES there is a difference.

  • Edible Glitter - Our definition of a true "edible" glitter is one that is 100% FDA complaint, Kosher Pareve certified, food-grade and is 100% safe & FDA approved to eat and consume! The best part is, we make & produce such a glitter, it's called Tinker Dust!
  • Non-toxic Glitter - Non-toxic glitter is a glitter that is made with ingredients that are not approved by the FDA, but, the ingredients used are non-toxic to humans. Kind of like eating a crayon. Meaning, it's not something that you just go out & eat, but if you were to consume a small amount of crayon, nothing will happen either. To learn more about the choosing the right type of dust or glitter, click here

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