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Cyber Monday Gold Airbrush Kit

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The Bakell® Airbrush Gun is the leading choice for both DIY decorating enthusiasts and professional cake artists and now on sale this Cyber Monday!  It can work wonders on a flat surface by seamlessly blending one hue into another.

Yet it is equally practical for applying color to intricate three-dimensional sugar crafts. We offer our airbrush kit to you in elegant gold, and 6 radiant colors of edible Luster Dust® are included.

To use Luster Dust® in an airbrush, mix the powder with vodka. Pour it into the airbrush cup. There is so much that can be done with Egyptian Gold Luster Dust® and an airbrush!

As airbrushing is excellent for blending hues on a cake, be blown away by the effect when you blend gold into white. For a layer cake, alternate gold layers with white layers. Use gold to airbrush floral patterns onto other colors using stencils. Fondant molds like crowns, Victorian lace, and unicorn horns also look amazing in gold.

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Why Choose a Bakell® Airbrush Gun Kit

The Bakell® Airbrush Gun Kit Includes: a beautiful black and white compressor, sturdy hose, stainless steel airbrush gun, functional holster, a black carrying case, power cord, adjusting tool & 6 Luster Dust edible powders/ edible paint colors. 

The Bakell® Airbrush Gun is HALF the Price of Big Brand names and their expensive price tags! With Bakell, you buy direct and save more money!

The Bakell® Airbrush Gun can be used with a wide range of products and projects including Dazzler DustLuster DustPetal DustsTinker Dust, & Stencils

The Bakell® Airbrush Gun is the leading choice for both DIY decorating enthusiasts AND professional cake artists.

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