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Dazzler Dust® is an amazing, hologram, shimmering "non-toxic" decorating & craft glitter! Dazzler Dust® is intended for decorative purposes only. It is not FDA approved and is made with safe "non-toxic" ingredients. There are many creative ways to use Dazzler Dust®, the most common is to sprinkle it on your icings, fondant or sugar cake decor just as you would with craft a glitter or sprinkles. Another popular technique is to use Dazzler Dust® in a piping gel or in an edible glue to adhere the Dazzler Dust® to your desired surface areas of your confectionery or crafting masterpiece! We carry over 80+ colors and shades, so get creative and start shopping!


We receive the question "what is the difference between real edible glitter vs non-toxic glitter" frequently. It's a great question, and YES there is a difference.

  • Edible Glitter - Our definition of a true "edible" glitter is one that is 100% FDA complaint, Kosher certified, food-grade and is 100% safe & FDA approved to eat and consume! The best part is, we make & produce such a glitter, it's called Tinker Dust!
  • Non-toxic Glitter - Non-toxic glitter is a glitter that is made with ingredients that are not approved by the FDA, but, the ingredients used are non-toxic to humans. Kind of like eating a crayon. Meaning, it's not something that you just go out & eat, but if you were to consume a small amount of crayon, nothing will happen either. To learn more about the choosing the right type of dust or glitter, click here

The best part is, we sell make & sell both types of glitters! So make your selection and starts shopping! As mentioned, our Tinker Dust® FDA compliant edible glitter looks very similar to Dazzler Dust® but Tinker Dust® is very different. Tinker Dust is 100% FDA compliant, Kosher certified, vegan, nut free, GMO free. To learn more about Tinker Dust, click here.


You asked, and we delivered! Our Dazzler Dust® glitter now comes in a variety of bulk size options & containers; 25g, 45g, 50g, 1lb & 1kg

When you buy in bulk size containers, you essentially are buying wholesale, but without having to go through a signup or application process. Just choose the bulk size container you want, add it to your cart and check out, that's it!

Compared to our standard single 5g jar container size, our bulk size containers are perfect when preparing for large parties or if you are a bakery, custom cake shop, catering company, wedding party planner, retailer or re-seller looking for steep discounts & wholesale pricing, than buying in bulk container sizes are the way to go!


If you are a retailer, distributor, wholesale company or simply need a lot of glitter or dust (or other cake decorating supplies like sprinkles), Bakell provides amazing wholesale & private label programs! To learn more, click here

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