Fairies Live Here Silicone Mold with 3 Shapes

by Bakell
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As far as silicone fairy molds go, this is one of the best you are likely to find. How so? Well, this lovely product offers three beautiful fairy themes in one mold. Chosen with care by the Bakell team, it also provides the user with endless application options. You can turn it into the ideal crafting and hobby solution to make fairy soap with all the glitter and sparkle you can imagine. Or how about using it as polymer clay fairy molds that you can paint for home decor pieces afterward? 

Alternatively, you can go the edible route and use it as a fairy fondant mold or fairy chocolate mold to delight every fey enthusiast that sets foot in your home, baked goods store, or attends your special occasion. The three-themed fairy molds silicone tray is suitable for use by novices as well as professionals and holds up well under regular use if it's cared for properly. Clean gently after each use (ideally by hand) and let it dry thoroughly before storing it. The food-grade silicone can go in both the fridge and oven, but just remember not to cross-contaminate food and crafting units. 

Size: Approx., 2" x 2"
Material: Silicone

Package Includes: 1 Round Silicone Mold. Flexible and durable. Heat resistance. Non-stick silicone for easy removal!  Creates 3 different fairy themed shapes.

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