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Halloween "Terror-iffic" Color Changing Brew Glitter Set (3 PC)

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Halloween Combo Pack - "Terror-ific"

It's almost Halloween! You know what that means? It's time to stir up some cool custom creations with Bakell's Color Changing Brew Glitter! Between the colors orange, purple and green, you are armed with all the color you would need for any type of scary drink or cocktail creation. Want to take it to another level? Don't tell your guests about the color changing properties! Allow them to witness it firsthand with their own 2 eyes!

Transform your shakes, drinks and cocktails with our Color Changing Edible Drink Glitter. Ideal for parties and events, this Kosher & Halal Certified glitter stays white until stirred into any clear liquid to reveal a beautiful high sheen metallic shade! 

This collection includes:

  • 1x Purple Color Changing - (4g Jar)
  • 1x Green Color Changing - (4g Jar)
  • 1x Orange Color Changing - (4g Jar)

FDA Registered Facility | GMP Certified | Kosher | Halal | Bakell.comTo Use Our Color Changing Drink Glitter, simply:

1) Add a teaspoon of glitter to a dry, empty glass.
2) Add any clear liquid of your choice to the glass.
3) Surprise! Watch your drink change colors!

** Please Note – Brew Glitter cannot guarantee that this “color changing” product will work for ALL clear/non-clear beverage types manufactured in the market as there are millions of clear beverage types manufactured in the world/ global market each of which use thousands of different recipe configurations that impact how the color changing product will work, including PH balances, acidic levels, citric acid levels, etc. Each ingredient/ recipe configuration will impact how our COLOR CHANGING product will work in said beverage. So please test your specific beverage type using our color changing product before committing to buying large volumes of our product **