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Orange Pumpkin Candy Sprinkles | Krazy Sprinkles | Bulk Sizes

Krazy Sprinkles
Original price $97.98 - Original price $5,327.98
Original price
$97.98 - $5,327.98
Current price $97.98

Introducing our exquisite Orange Pumpkin Candy Sprinkles! Heighten your baking masterpieces with Bakell®'s top-tier sprinkles – your ultimate destination for delectable and visually captivating edible embellishments. Created exclusively using FDA-approved ingredients, our sprinkles are entirely consumable, guaranteeing a delightful and secure experience for all. Available in a dazzling spectrum of colors, playful designs, and assorted sizes, our sprinkles infuse a touch of enchantment into your treats! If you're seeking significant savings on Orange Pumpkin Candy Sprinkles, explore our bulk purchase options below

BULK sizes for our sprinkles products are packaged in large bags and are sold in 4 sizes: 10 lb,100 lb, 250 lb & 1,000 lbs  

Turn around time for bulk products end-to-end is approximately 4 weeks + shipping time (ie, exceptions include holiday season and specific holidays where lead times will be impacted/ longer.)

  • See additional Bulk / Wholesale / Private Label Terms & Conditions, click here
  • Lead times for Bulk projects/ orders are approx. 3-4 weeks + ship time depending on the size of the project. To learn more about lead times, click here
  • Sprinkles purchased in quantities of 100 lbs. and up are not eligible for Free Shipping. Click Here!


Although we do our best to represent the product color as accurately as possible, the product color displayed on your device can look different from one device to the next, and look different than what you receive. If your project is ultra-sensitive where the exact color is required, please purchase a sample of the product first. 

Our Krazy Sprinkles® are totally amazing! Krazy Sprinkles® from the Bakell® company brings you the absolute best in both quality & value and is the trusted brand in the industry! 100% edible and made only with FDA approved ingredients, our sprinkles come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes! If you want to read the FAQ, learn about how to use the product and more, click here