Airbrush Professional Series Bakell Airbrush Gun Kit (Classic Black)



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Most beginners and professionals prefer to use airbrush guns for their cake & confectionery designs. With a good airbrush gun kit, you can mix your own colors and better control how the coloring is applied to your cake, cupcake, cookie and so on. You can paint the whole cake in one color or do a fabulous ombre coloring, all in a quarter of the time it would take you to achieve the same look with spray cans or piping tubes. You can also take your most intricate icing decorations up a notch by airbrushing additional details, accents and finishing touches. The "Bakell Airbrush Gun" is the perfect compliment for our award winning Luster Dust edible powder & edible paint collection!

The Bakell® team worked hard to put together an amazing product for bakers, cake artists, cookie artists and crafters! The team not only wanted the BEST airbrush gun on the market at the best price on the market, the team also wanted an airbrush gun that stood the test of a professional cake artist! So, with a fair amount of skepticism, the Co-founder of Bakell® (who is a professional cake artist), tested the new Bakell® Airbrush Gun personally on several of her own designer cakes, crafts and cupcakes using a variety of luster dusts, petal dusts, edible paints and stencils... well, it passed the test with flying colors! She absolutely loved it! So much so, she ditched her "high priced designer airbrush" and now uses the "Bakell® Airbrush Gun" exclusively! She could not get over how the team was able to build such a great product at 1/2 the price of the big brand names!

Need Proof? Our Bakell Airbrush Gun was just featured on Shopify's Nationally Televised Commercial!

Why Choose a Bakell® Airbrush Gun Kit

• Need help setting up your Bakell® Airbrush Gun Kit, no problem! Watch our "Bakell Airbrush Unboxing Video" - click here

• Want to learn more about the #1 selling Bakell Airbrush Gun or have questions, no problem we can help! For our FAQ section, click here

• The Bakell® Airbrush Gun Kit Includes: a beautiful black and white compressor, sturdy hose, stainless steel airbrush gun, functional holster, a black carrying case, power cord, adjusting tool & 4 Luster Dust edible powders/ edible paint colors. 

• The Bakell® Airbrush Gun is HALF the Price of Big Brand names and their expensive price tags! When buyBakell, you buy direct and save.

• With rigorous testing by the Bakell® Product team, the conclusion is that unlike more expensive knock-offs, the Bakell Airbrush Gun II produces steady power, output and spray consistency throughout.

• The Bakell® Airbrush Gun can be used with a wide range of products and projects including disco dusts, luster dusts, petal dustsTinker Dust, stencils, cake decorating projects, crafts, nailsart and make-up.

• The Bakell® Airbrush Gun is the leading choice for both DIY cakedecorating enthusiasts AND professional cake artists.

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