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Sweet Banana | Sweet & Sour Candy Toppers in Wholesale

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$66.97 - $99.60
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SKU BSS105-85G-WS-24CT-1

Sweet Banana Candy Powder for Wholesale

Indulge in the delightful taste of Sweet Banana Candy Toppers, available in wholesale sizes to cater to your large-scale operations and enterprise distribution. Elevate your confection line with the delicious flavor of Sweet Banana.

Explore new market opportunities with Candy Toppers, offering a burst of sweetness that will elevate various treats, from gummy bears to worms. Effortlessly create banana-flavored candy belts, dust over lollipops, and infuse chocolates with a unique and delightful profile.

Unleash more reasons for your customers to fall in love with your products through the Sweet Banana Candy Toppers catalog, catering to every dessert candy offering.

Shipping available nationwide

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Shop Wholesale Distribution options for Sweet Banana Candy Toppers

Explore the world of wholesale Sweet Banana Candy Toppers, available in cases for businesses, events, and distributors. Perfect quantities for local candy distributors, food trucks, vendor carts, and more.

Select from packages containing units by the case, and unlock an array of sweet candy assortments to elevate your distribution or resale offerings.

Secure cost-effective pricing for Sweet Banana candy powder with Candy Toppers, suitable for use on hard candy, soft gummies, dessert garnishes, and a variety of confection creations!

Explore Sweet Banana Candy Toppers

Sprinkle, dust, or dunk sweet treats to add an extra layer of banana delight to every bite! Available quantities:

  • 24 units of 85g Shaker per case

Sweet Banana Candy Toppers Product Info

Included: Wholesale quantity of Sweet Banana candy
How to use: Shake or dunk desserts with candy powder
Available in Bulk, Private Label, and Personal.

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