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Blue Brew Glitter® Necker | Private Label

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Product Description

Single-Serve Sachet Hang Tags

Have you been looking for a solution to streamline our products into a label created by your company? Look no further, we have the perfect solution you've been searching for. Pair our cool Blue Brew Glitter with drinks such as the "Sapphire Martini" or the famous "Chi-Chi" to transform any drink into a colorful juggernaut of beverages. Now although the Chi-Chi is a frozen cocktail, some shimmering glitter at the liquified bottom may go a long way! The Sapphire Martini on the other hand, is already the perfect foundation to add our Blue Brew Glitter since the drink is made in the same glass, no shaker needed. No matter if you are creating a new drink or testing out color consistencies, we have the colors needed for mastering.

Bakell's® private label program makes it easy for you to re-sell our top-selling Brew Glitter edible beverage glitter individual Necker sachets. Our private label program is perfect for onetime events like weddings, birthdays or a large corporate event. Our private label program is also perfect for re-sellers, wholesalers, retailers or brands wanting to break into the edible glitter market!

Our food-grade Brew Glitter® is the perfect complement for cocktails, beer, spirits, wine, champagne, tea and any other alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage you can think of! Each sample pack contains 1/2 gram of glitter—enough to serve one 5-ounce or 8-ounce drink. You need a label that's as cool as your products. And you want to be sure that it's in full compliance with FDA and EU health code regulations. We've got you covered!

Private Label Edible Beverage Glitter Sample Packs |

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Our private label edible glitter products can only be purchased by the case. Any color can be purchased in cases of the quantities listed below.

Follow these three simple steps to place your order...

  1. select the quantity you want from the options
  2. input the number of cases you want to purchase - and add to cart
  3. check out, and then email us your order # and fill out this quick form. click here That's it.

    FDA Registered Facility, GMP Certified, KOSHER and HALAL, HACCP,

    Brew Glitter® FAQ

    • Brew Glitter® is FDA compliant & 100% edible/ consumable - learn more
    • Brew Glitter® is 100% Kosher Certified, click here
    • Brew Glitter® is Vegan, Nut Free, Dairy Free & Gluten Free
    • Brew Glitter® is mineral based, not sugar based, so it does not dissolve
    • Brew Glitter® is tasteless & texture-less
    • FDA Usage: 0.07% - equivalent to half 4g jar of Brew Glitter (0.7g) per liter (1000g)
    • See additional Bulk / Wholesale / Private Label Terms & Conditions - Click Here

          Next Steps

          After you place your order use the link provided in step 3 and fill out the form provided. There you will give your order # along with your company logo, brand/ company information and our graphics team will immediately begin to work on your custom label! Our private label program is only offered in wholesale quantities and are sold by the case. For more information email:

          Turnaround time for private labeled products end-to-end is approximately 4 weeks + shipping time (i.e., exceptions include holiday season and specific holidays where lead times will be impacted/ longer.)

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