Cinco de Mayo BBQthingz Smokin' Grill Hot Sauce Combo Decorating Gift Set B (3 PC SET)



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Cinco de Mayo - Fiesta Pack

Your Cinco de Mayo festivities could use a spicy kick. Make a dish or drink everyone will remember with Bakell's Fiesta Pack! Featuring a convenient mix of red pearl rimming sugar, green and white stirring straws and chipotle-infused jalapeno hot sauce; this kit will guarantee that your fiesta is no siesta this year!

Here are the 3 Products included in this combo pack;

  • 1x Barrel Aged Garlic-Infused Habanero Hot Sauce | Smokin' Grill

  • 1x Red & Green Stripes Cocktail Stirring Straws (Pack of 24)

  • 1x Mint Green Pearl Cocktail Rimming Sugar (1/2 Cup)

Looking to purchase a different color or style?

Hot Sauces & BBQ: Click Here

Straws: Click Here

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