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Creamsicle Orange Tinker Dust® Glitter | 4g Spray Pump Wholesale

by Bakell
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Creamsicle Orange Tinker Dust | 4g Spray Pump

Tinker Dust is a unique product, and if you're not familiar with it yet, you're in for a real treat. It's edible glitter that comes in a variety of colors. It's perfect for any occasion and can be used to decorate cakes, cupcakes, cookies—anything your heart desires! We sell it in private label and wholesale so you can make sure you always have plenty on hand.

We've got something brand new for you today: Tinker Dust Mini Pumps! They're smaller than the regular size Tinker Dust bottles, so they'll fit right into your purse or pocket without taking up too much space. And best of all? No more screwing off and on lids—just spray away!

These mini pumps are also great for parties because they're easier to use than the regular size bottles and come with no mess when you're done using them (no more spilling glitter everywhere). Plus, they look super cute in little party favor bags!

Now you can buy Tinker Dust® edible glitter Pump wholesale by the case! Wholesale prices for our Tinker Dust® edible glitter pumps are only offered by the case. Cases can be purchased for any color and in 4-gram pump containers.

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Turnaround time for wholesale products end-to-end is approximately 4 weeks + shipping time (i.e., exceptions include holiday season and specific holidays where lead times will be impacted/ longer.)

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What Is a Tinker Dust® Pump

Our 4 Gram Tinker Dust® edible glitter pump is easy to use! Apply Tinker Dust® to all types of confectionery desserts, foods, pastries & drinks without ever needing a brush or spoon! Simply point the pump about 4-8 inches away from your confectionery masterpiece, press firmly & spray the desired amount of dry glitter-dust on your food or dessert! Our pump is perfect for applying our edible glitter on buttercream, fondant, iced cupcakes, cookies, chocolates, sugar flowers & more! 

FDA Registered Facility, GMP Certified, KOSHER and HALAL, HACCP,

Although we do our best to represent the product color as accurately as possible, the product color displayed on your device can look different from one device to the next and look different than what you receive. If your project is ultra-sensitive where the exact color is required, please purchase a sample of the product first. 

Tinker Dust® FAQ & Info