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Create Your Own Custom Sprinkle Blend | Bulk Sizes

Original price $1,099.95 - Original price $6,999.95
Original price
$1,099.95 - $6,999.95
Current price $1,099.95

Now you can create your own custom sprinkle blends and mixes in BULK quantities, and it couldn't be easier! You can use your unique sprinkle blend any way you want to, repackage it on your own and resell it or use it in your own decorative creations! Custom BULK sizes for our sprinkles are produced and packaged in large bulk bags and are sold in 3 sizes: 100 lbs, 250 lbs & 1,000 lbs

To place your order follow these FOUR simple steps...

  1. select what bulk size you want to purchase (100 lb, 250 lb or 1,000 lb)
  2. select how many sprinkles your custom blend will use (3, 4 or 5 sprinkles)
  3. input put the quantity you want to purchase - and add to cart
  4. check out and purchase and receive your order number - that's it!

Upon placing your order - email us at sales@bakell.com and include your order #, which sprinkles from our website you've chosen, and any other details and will immediately get to work on your unique, custom sprinkle blend! If you want to read the FAQ, learn about how to use the product and more, click here

Turn around time for bulk products end-to-end is approximately 4 weeks + shipping time (ie, exceptions include holiday season and specific holidays where lead times will be impacted/ longer.)

  • See additional Bulk / Wholesale / Private Label Terms & Conditions, click here
  • Lead times for Bulk projects/ orders are approx. 3-4 weeks + ship time depending on the size of the project. To learn more about lead times, click here

Our Krazy Sprinkles® are totally amazing! Krazy Sprinkles® from the Bakell® company brings you the absolute best in both quality & value and is the trusted brand in the industry! 100% edible and made only with FDA approved ingredients, our sprinkles come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes!

* Your "sprinkles blend" will come in a large BULK BAG and will not be individually packaged

** Note: minimum 3-5 week lead-time required on ALL "custom" sprinkle bulk orders