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True Gold Tinker Dust® Glitter | EU Compliant Wholesale

SKU EU-TD100-WS-5G-1
by Bakell
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True Gold Tinker Dust - EU Compliant Garnish Glitter

The next time you're hosting a party, be sure to include some Bakell's E171-free Gold Tinker Dust with your festivities. Not only will it make your desserts look more appetizing, but it will also taste better than ever before! Left alone, food and baked goods are the dullest of all desserts. However, a bit of tasteless and texture-less glitter can transform even the most commonplace of treats into something extraordinary. Add it to brownies, cheesecake, or strawberry shortcake for an irresistible dessert. Using only food-grade ingredients, the tasteless and texture-less dust will make that dessert look just as good as it tastes!

At last, you can buy Tinker Dust® edible glitter wholesale by the case! Our Tinker Dust® edible glitters are only sold in cases for wholesale price and come in a variety of colors and container sizes.

Tinker Dust® - Are a very potent, shiny, edible glitter-dust used for cake & cookie decorating, confectionery crafts & baking! We use only EU approved ingredients, so these dusts are 100% consumable. These shiny sparkle dusts are very similar to the Dazzler Dusts®, but with a slightly silkier texture & use only edible food grade and food safe ingredients!

FDA Registered Facility, GMP Certified, KOSHER and HALAL, HACCP,

Although we do our best to represent the product color as accurately as possible, the product color displayed on your device can look different from one device to the next and look different than what you receive. If your project is ultra-sensitive where the exact color is required, please purchase a sample of the product first. 

Tinker Dust® FAQ & Info


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