Hanukkah Airbrush Combo Kit Black



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If you've been on the fence about investing in an airbrush gun to take your decorating skills to the next level, we believe we've got the combo kit that will persuade you that it's time to do so.

Ladies, and gents, get ready to encounter the BEST airbrush gun in the business. Featuring a sturdy hose, foolproof compressor, dedicated power cord, functional holster, and black a black carrying case, this stainless steel airbrush gun is the ultimate adjustable tool to get those gorgeous airbrushed effects on your cakes and bakes.

Whether you're a home baker or a professional confectioner, this kit is an excellent choice - our team has tailored it according to their exacting expectation (and those are high!). The Airbrush Combo Kit also available in pink, gold, and white, so if you'd like it in another color, there are options available. To get you excited for your first project, the Hanukkah Airbrush Combo Kit Black comes with four Luster Dust edible powders/edible paint colors in hues of blue and silver to suit the holiday. 

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Why Choose a Bakell® Airbrush Gun Combo Kit

• The Bakell® Airbrush Gun Kit Includes: a beautiful black and white compressor, sturdy hose, stainless steel airbrush gun, functional holster, a black carrying case, power cord, adjusting tool & 4 Luster Dust edible powders/ edible paint colors. 

• The Bakell® Airbrush Gun is HALF the Price of Big Brand names and their expensive price tags! With Bakell, you buy direct and save more money!

• The Bakell® Airbrush Gun is the leading choice for both DIY decorating enthusiasts AND professional cake artists.

Kosher Certified | Halal Certified | FDA Compliant | Bakell | bakell.com

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