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Light Pink Brew Glitter® Sample Packs Wholesale

Brew Glitter
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$3,375.00 - $22,800.00
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Now you can buy our Brew Glitter® edible glitter individual sample bags wholesale by the case! Wholesale prices for our edible beverage glitter samples are only offered by the case. 

** Please Note; By design, our "Light Pink Brew Glitter" is designed to be softer in color and should be used in clear liquids or very, very light colored beverages. If your drink is medium in color or gold/ amber toned, please purchase our regular Pink Brew Glitter which looks incredible, Click Here.

Each sample pack is 1/2 gram which will serve approx "ONE" 5oz or 8oz drink! Try any color you want, or try them all! Brew Glitter® is the perfect compliment for cocktails, beer, spirits, wine, champagne, tea, ice coffee, soda, lemonade & any other alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage you can think of!

Kosher Certified | Halal Certified | Bakell | Bakell.com

Brew Glitter® FAQ

  • Brew Glitter® is FDA compliant & 100% edible/ consumable - learn more
  • Brew Glitter® is 100% Kosher Certified, click here
  • Halal Certifiedclick here
  • Brew Glitter® is Vegan, Nut Free, Dairy Free & Gluten Free
  • Brew Glitter® is mineral based, not sugar based, so it does not dissolve
  • Brew Glitter® is tasteless & texture-less
  • Brew Glitter® comes in dozens of colors
  • FDA Usage: 0.07% - equivalent to half 4g jar of Brew Glitter (0.7g) per liter (1000g)

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