Puffs Icing Piping Nozzles Buttercream Tip


by Bakell
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  • These tips are great for cream puffs, but I personally LOVE them for filling cupcakes with cream! Yes, if you have not tried it, put some bavarian or jelly cream in your icing bag, use this tip and you can puncture the center of your cupcake and fill with some delicious filling! Buttercream decor on the top for a perfect finish!

    If you're decorating cakes or frosting cupcakes you always need more icing tips! Or if you're me you have not realized that one or two were in the garbage disposal when you turned it on and just need to replace one!

  • Size: Standard, 1.30". Length: approx. 7.5cm, Big open Diameter : 1.7cm, Tip Diameter : 0.5cm

  • Package Includes: 4 different sized set

  • Themes: Baking, Caking & Crafting Tool

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