Teal Iced Tea & Juice Glitter


by Brew Glitter®

Teal Brew Glitter® is the perfect compliment for Juice, Water, Soda & Iced Tea! Simply pinch a small amount of Brew Glitter® into your favorite beverage and watch your drink shimmer, swirl & sparkle! Its absolutely stunning! Brew Glitter® makes any drink sparkle!

Brew Glitter® FAQ

  • Brew Glitter® is FDA compliant & 100% edible/ consumable - learn more
  • Brew Glitter® is 100% Kosher Certified, click here
  • Halal Certifiedclick here
  • Brew Glitter® is Vegan, Nut Free, Dairy Free & Gluten Free
  • Brew Glitter® is mineral based, not sugar based, so it does not dissolve
  • Brew Glitter® is tasteless & texture-less
  • Brew Glitter® comes in dozens of colors
  • Try our flip top lid for easier application. Click Here
  • FDA Usage: 0.07% - equivalent to half 4g jar of Brew Glitter (0.7g) per liter (1000g)
  • Brew Glitter® is available to purchase bulk & wholesale sizes, click here

    Basic Color Theory Applies

    Basic color theory applies when using our colored edible glitters in drinks; meaning if you mix "Blue Brew Glitter" with a "dark yellow or gold drink" you will get a Green Colored Drink (ie, yellow + blue = green). So if you don't want to change the color of your beverage use a colored glitter that matches your drink color.

    Kosher Certified | Halal Certified | Bakell | Bakell.com

      Cocktails, Spirits & Liquors Conversions

      • 1 gram of Brew Glitter = serves 8 standard 5 ounce drink
      • 1 gram of Brew Glitter = serves 14 standard 3 ounce drink
      • A cocktail glass holds approximately three to five ounces of liquid
      • Depending on the consistency you many want more/ less
      • Need larger quantities, buy Brew Glitter in BULK and save - click here

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